random thoughts from an animal communicator on the upcoming adoption campaign…

dogs on the trail 006I get to laugh everyday at Isabella….there she is – the only lab on the planet that won’t even touch water!

It was a lucky day when I adopted her.  I went to a dog party last night and connected with the folks I adopted her from.  Her growth is unbelieveable – as they said last night – she was the first ferral dog they’d come across. Now she’s one of the wacky members of my family.

I also love that Olivia is there smiling at her – Olivia has been a great and patient teacher.

I’m out there making a small contribution every few weeks to different rescues……the other night at East West Books in Seattle, we raised a little money for PAWS.  And there are even more events coming up with this adoption campaign. And I have to remember how lucky I was when I adopted Isabella. How lucky I am every day with these two great dogs.  I hope to encourage more and more folks to adopt and have the joy we have~

In-joy, Joan

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