Girl gorillas go ape for French pinup hunk –

Girl gorillas go ape for French pinup hunk –

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Great story about gorilla’s!!

Sistah Kitty Momma and other random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

6 babies

6 babies

I couldn’t find Francesa for a bit today. I had to dash to town and talk to horses. I came home and was looking for her but was also on a teleconference……I noticed the dogs were obsessed with the fully boxed and unavailable guest room (I just moved onto this new farm)…..I heard some squeeking and the next thing you know – I found Francesca.

She was tucked away behind some big unmoveable boxes in the guest room closet. There she was with 6 babes. I removed the dogs (who think that these are their babies) and dealt with the most gracious momma on the planet. She knows I only mean to help.

I transported her to the laundry room where she will be safe from everything with her babies and where all is set up.

Funny how I was supposed to simply get a barn cat and it turned into this. I thought maybe two barn cats. And honestly, at the rate people want these babies – I need to pick out my barn cat now! 

She has strolled down for chores am and pm in the barn. Again, the reincarnation factor could be argued here as it were as if she wanted to say hello to the horse gang (Gabrielle and Rollie)  with the dog gang (Olivia and Isabella) before she had to hide for the birth and raising of the kittens.

Or perhaps she’s just that kind of chick and wants to be part of everything. I don’t care which, I just love her participation and her allowance of me to help her with the 6 babes. She is a wonderful and patient momma. Fabulous.

She also loves where I had intended for the birth to happen (like this were a hollywood film and I somehow knew when and why to start boiling water prior to birth in the area I thought was comfortable.) It turns out she actually likes the space I created.  She can take a break, she can go back in to the squeeking little open mouths. Up to her……..more updates to come.

I am taking name ideas. I’m thinking there’s an Irene in there. Maybe a Henry. . . ideas anyone? I can always be found at

The new farm, the new kitty and other random thoughts of an Animal Communicator



Life on the new farm with new kitty
Life on the new farm with new kitty


The new farm, the new kitty, the new, the new, the new…..We have a new member at our farm, (and we have a new farm).  We just added Francesca, the new kitty. It has definitely taken a toll on Isabella. Isabella is the lab that I adopted almost 2 years ago. It will be two years September 18th. Isabella doesn’t feel like the youngest anymore, the baby. Yet, she’s the baby dog!

What she also doesn’t realize is that all of our skills will be necessary here coming up as this is a childbride…..this cat is like a bag of kittens, she will be giving birth any minute. Talk about grow up time for the lab! And I will become Sistah Kitty Gramma.

Meanwhile, Olivia (7 yr. old ½ Border Collie) thinks I brought the cat home for her. And the cat  was supposedly feral. I moved in 2 weeks ago,  Mind you, moving in to the new place is at least a 2 bedroom home – plus me and two dogs, the horses arrived (so a full barn with equipment and tack) the day my friends delivered the new cat.

I call her Francesca. I had never met her. My friends told me about a cat they trapped in Idaho and I said I’d take her. They drove her out. The day she was delivered was the 2 year anniversary of Alexandria’s departure. Alexandria was my beloved cat of 13 years that disappeared two years and two weeks ago.  (Anyone who has read my book “Communication with all Life, Revelations of an Animal Communicator” knows all of these characters!!)

So Francesca, the feral cat (like Alexandria the feral cat I adopted 15 years ago) walks through and goes to the old spots that Alexandria loved – even though things are in boxes, she still is gravitating toward  pieces of furniture. She and Olivia sleep next to each other. Isabella has tried to chase her and after two time outs – she gets this will be her best friend. In fact just tonight Isabella was asleep on the couch and I sat with her. I put Francesca on my lap and Francesca immediately wanted off. How did she get off of my lap – oh she just walked over Isabella. Awesome.

It almost feels like a case for reincarnation, don’t you think? Or sent to me by my darling Alexandria? Alexandria could be on the other side or in someone else’s living room and her continued care for my wellbeing sent in this adorable cat with the same origins as her………..for that kitty love. Her intention alone of continuing to take care of me sent in her clone personality wise. (I mean down to not covering poop because she expects me to say – here let me clean that up for you while also expecting me to hand over my veggies, etc.) It’s as if Alexandria never left, I just have a different coloring but same behavior, same feelings – even with Olivia.  

I’ve included a picture of Francesca with my book and with the Hay House UK version of my book with a different cover. Doesn’t she look like the kitten on the cover?    Francesca found the Hay House UK version of my book

Is can always be found at  E-mail me at You can also find me at or I’m learning more and more about the other social networkings as well.



Tip Number 1 For Better Communication With Your Pet

Puppy of Iraq War’s Oldest Fallen Soldier Safe in States – Paw Nation

Random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

Still here in South Florida – today is the last day……

Animal News from Animal Communicator Joan Ranquet (newsletter)

My latest newsletter with an article called Coyote Wisdom by me, Bird words by Susan Glave, my product of the month (products) of Dynamite specialty products for dogs, cats and horses as well as my favorite book this month – Love Scopes by Mark Husson…….oh AND my South Florida benefits and Animal Communication workshops!

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Animal Communication fun in South Florida

Rafiki enjoyed my book "Communication with all Life"
Rafiki enjoyed my book “Communication with all Life”

I’m very happy to be back in South Florida – just the pastel colors, the water, my fun friends and of course the wonderful clients. I have a crazy great schedule the next few days – lots of benefits for rescue groups and teaching Animal Communication at The Crystal Garden Books, Gifts and Spiritual Center in Boynton Beach. Check out the schedule of events:

August 7th and 9th readings at The Crytal Garden Books, Gifts & Spiritual Center 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 pm. 

August 7th from 7P-9P – Pure Thoughts Horse & Foal Resuce: 19181 Capet Creek, Loxahatchee Fl – Joan Ranquet Animal Communication Mini Workshop.      Tickets are $25.00 and all proceeds go to Pure Thoughts:

August 8th from 11A-5P – Crystal Garden Books, Gifts & Spiritual

Center:  2610 North Federal Highway, Boynton Beach, Fl “You Can Talk To The Animals Workshop” (561)369-2836  or (877) 444-5099.

 August 7th from 11A-4P – and August 9th from 11A-2P   Private Sessions with Joan for youranimal companion at the Crystal Garden Books, Gifts and Spiritual Center. Please call ahead to schedule and please  do not bring in your animal, only a photo is necessary  Call (561)369-2836  or (877) 444-5099. 

Beginning Animal Communication benefit South Florida SPCA at New Age Books & Things Ft. Lauderdale:

Always I have events listed on my website at


Blessings ~



Random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

My book “Communication with all Life” #7 in Books > Mind, Body & Spirit > Parapsychology on!!

I get very excited by these things!! I am glad to know that people are buying the book in England. Meanwhile, I’m about to go on a big trip to South Florida and teach Animal Communication – big fun ahead.

Elisienne and Jeremy Steinberg GP @ DevonWood

Both horse and rider are clients!! This is pretty gorgeous……Enjoy.

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