Broward County Humane Society and other random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

Broward County Humane Society Benefit

Animal Communication mini class

Last Thursday we did a big benefit for the Broward County Humane Society in Ft. Lauderdale at the Jessica Sydney showroom. It was a lovely place to host such an event. Amidst the gorgeous furniture (yes I found what I’d like next for my living room) were plenty of stations with various things like New Age Books & Things crystals with some crystal blankets for horses, dogs and cats by Claudia Carpenter. Central Bark Doggy Daycare had a wonderful booth on good foods and the Humane society also had their retail shop up and going and a great dog massage practitioner – Hope of Dog Massage by Hope had a booth there.  New Age Books & Things had a set up with my book and new cd’s so I got to sign lots of books before speaking. (Oh goody!)

The other great thing is they had an abundance of wonderful things donated for the raffle. I wanted a tropical dog bed that would of course become a kitten bed as well. I didn’t win. Oh well.

They had smart things donated like rug cleaning service (HELLO!) air duct cleaners (can you say dog hair), lots of basket by fancy pet boutiques, riding lessons by a wonderful horse trainer (lots of horsey peeps there) and much much more. 

All in all it was a great event – a lot of money and awareness was raised,  everyone had fun and the best was how happy the dog Sebastian was that he got to talk to the group during my mini class.

Sebastian, the real owner of the Jessica Sydney designer showroom in Ft. Lauderdale

Sebastian was chatted with during the class - benefit for the Broward County Humane Society

Scroll below to see the schedule of events coming up – tomorrow night in Orlando join us at the Spiral Circle – a mini class to benefit Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge.

Blessings, Joan

Joan’s South and Central Florida November teaching/speaking schedule

Florida University 018

Pet Rescue By Judy class

Communication with all Life University - Florida June 2009

Talking to horses!

So here’s the upcoming South and Central Florida schedule as well as my November 20th event at East West Books, Bothell!

November Schedule for South Florida

11/5 Thurs. at the HSBC – Open house from 5:30 ¬ 8:30
Animal communication presentation at 7:30PM
Space is limited. Please RSVP by October 30 to reserve your spot. 954-922-0299

11/6 Fri – Animal Readings at New Age Books and Things – Ft. Lauderdale….954 771-0026 –

11/7 Thurs. at The Crystal Garden – You Can Talk To The Animals workshop
11:00 AM – 5:00 PM (1 1/2 hour lunch) Register here:
11/8 Readings –

November Schedule for Orlando Area

11/10 Tues. at The Spiral Circle. – Readings 1:30P – 4:30P Animal Communication Workshop 7P-9P Register here:
Donations of $10 for the class go to:
Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge

11/11 Wed. at Dog & Friends – 5P-7P. Book signing 5:30P, Animal Communication
Talk at 6pm. To Register Call 407-648-PAWS,
$5 Donations go to Central Florida Pet Pantry website is

11/12 Thurs. at Cassadaga Camp Book Store – 1P to 3P Book signing and Animal
Communication mini Workshop –
Donations will go to a local animal charity

11/12 Thurs at Sacred Acres Farm- Animal Wellness Workshop 6:30 to 8:30PM
Save big and book by 10/15. Space is limited! To Register Call Shannon at

11/13 – 11/15 Friday thru Sunday at Sacred Acres Farm – Beg. & Advanced Animal Communication Workshop. Space is limited! To Register Call Shannon at

November 16th – HOME.

11/20/09 East West Bookshop Bothell and much much more to come!!

My schedule is always on as well as plenty of other groovy info. Scroll down for teleseminar info and/or short but sweet entertaining kitten videos.  Enjoy~ Joan


More random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

dog sitter Auntie Olivia 003

Olivia is the most amazing Aunt……she takes care of the kittens when the momma is away. The kittens are so cute at this point sometimes I have to have a cute time out. Really it is overwhelming the cute factor!!

I have big things – I have an Animal Communication University to put together and I can’t have so much cuteness!

The teleseminars are a big hit. More people are joining the University, all is well here. The cute factor just adds to the equation. It was hard on the University call tonight with my students not to do a blow by blow call of what the kittens are doing on their kitten turn out. But then again, I could do it all day long with anyone that called that would listen to cute kitten stories!

It just reminds me that everyday is precious.

And that’s a great thing.

The world of small dogs, revelations (and random thoughts) of an Animal Communicator

For the full report on my students experience on the Chihuahua Festival please go to my Communication with All Life University social networking site and feel free to join if you are an Animal Communication Enthusiast: It’s pretty funny. Both the students that I sent up there were in for quite a surprise. That day I was at a different event where I was around large and small dogs, rescue dogs, recue cats, great dog trainers, all sorts of wonderful pet businesses or entrepreneurs. But my students had an eye opening education that I don’t think either will forget…….The world of small dogs.

It is an entirely different world. I have to gear up for that world because I’m going to South Florida here shortly. It’s a type and a landscape – I mean South Florida, Southern California – that is my bigger exposure to the world of small dogs. Perhaps New York City dogs……..the other places I’ve lived – Denver, Seattle – it’s definitely bigger dogs. So the idea that there was this Chihuahua Festival up here in the PNW with 300-400 Chihuahua’s is amazing – I feel like it’s like some Faerie Festival!!

However, it is a most unique world. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with day wear and formal wear for a dog – no sirree…. Clothing for a dog can actually have the affect of the animal feeling its whole body and feeling safe and confident in their clothes when in reality, they live in a much more vulnerable world being that small. I personally don’t want a dog on the dinner table – perhaps that is just me. (And why is it I’m fine with a cat on the table – perhaps it’s the Egyptian origin of cats being Gods and knowing that dogs are opportunists.)

The world of small dogs vs. large dogs is a very different life than what I have with my two dogs; when I say “let’s go do chores” they race out the door to help, to smell , to do fun dog things. My dog Olivia has lived in the city, suburbs, farms and beach with me. We’ve been city chicks and we’ve been farm chicks. Yet either setting, we have expectations and training.

I think the first and foremost difference between the world of large and small dogs is training. The way we train (or forget to train) small dogs is very different. People become enamored with the cuteness. The fragile….and oh it’s something I have to treat like a china doll. Meanwhile, there is nothing cute about someone biting your ankle when it gets out of hand. (Did I mention that today a rooster came after me? On the one hand that would appear harmless, I mean rooster vs. Joan – yet it drew blood. And my feelings were hurt.) The same is so with small dogs.

I once went to talk to a toy poodle. That little guy was so vicious that he was dangling from my arm. Thankfully it was just a fatty spot and not a muscle tear or tendon or vein. Sometimes it’s the fear aggression that can be the worst kind because it appears to come out of nowhere.

I would love to see Cesar Milan do an entire episode of Chihuahua’s. Could you just see him walking through a sea of Chihuahuas in slow motion sepia tone? Perhaps the episode would just be dedicated to perhaps the aftermath of puppy mill raid and what to do with all of these terrified little beings and give them their marching orders. Now there’s a thought. A really random thought. But cuteness aside, I bet those would be the most adoptable Chihuahua’s on the planet.

I’m sitting here on my friends farm with fingers crossed that I am moving onto my new farm within the next few days. I can’t wait to get back to chores with my dogs, routines and hikes. My friend’s farm is equipped with a pug. I even have different expectations with Sophie (the pug) than I do my own. It’s been funny to watch myself and how much I expect her to stay in a down stay like I demand of my own. And part of it is she’s not my dog – what are my training expectations but the real part if I’m being honest is I don’t expect her to do the down stay because she’s a small dog…..and I know the training hasn’t gone into her like the others here because – she’s a small dog. Oh such is the life in the world of small dogs.

Lots of Animal Communication and other random thoughts……..

What a day. I had to either split myself in two, teleport myself, admit to a parallel universe or send students to an event that I couldn’t attend. I chose the latter. So I was at the Mill Creek Festival speaking and teaching Animal Communication and I sent two of my Communication with All Life University students to the Chihuahua Festival to talk to 300-400 Chihuahuas.

I had fun, I got to connect with every pet rescue whether it was a dog rescue, cat rescue, horse rescue, a pet business, pet services, dog trainers, holistic vets……people got to meet me – the local pet psychic or animal communicator. My students got a glimpse of my world – a day in the life of an Animal Communicator. I think they were stunned.

When you are studying Animal Communication, you set up a safe zone…..suddenly; there they were with literally hundreds of darling distractions, plus the people and whatever events were going on (i.e. agility, cute tail contests, etc.) So I’m very proud of how well my students performed while also taking in the fact that it ain’t all glamorous!!!!

For me, I got to watch the Dock Diving at the Mill Creek Festival. Quite entertaining. I wanted to come home and get my dogs and take them back there. As a matter of fact, it was so warm out, I was prepared to dock dive without dogs or winning any sort of award on my way out.

And as for my event, it was hot, it was short, but I taught some committed people. I love teaching…..the people did great for all of the distractions of a big event. The people did so well right off the bat that we got to talk to many animals even if for just one question. It was great fun.

So here I am, I am here. I love days like today where Animal Communication is so in demand…..where education on Animal communication is in demand. And truthfully, the more I can connect up with the pet rescues, the dog rescues, the cat rescues, the horse rescues, all of the animal rescues, we can create education that results in forever homes. It’s all about education.

Of course, I send people to my 10 Easy Steps to Better Communication with your Pet on my website: And truly, some of the best advise I have to admit is in my book “Communication with All Life, Revelations of an Animal Communicator”……..but for my students today, nothing can replace that experience. Thankfully, I can offer plenty of that because I haven’t mastered bi-tri or multiple relocation yet.