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Often, when going through difficult passages, hope is the drug of choice used to deaden the pain of what is. The key is to bring the state of anticipated joy, peace, fulfillment, into the present; anchoring it as your reality

LD THOMPSON, author, filmmaker, social activist was born in Indiana and educated at Alaska Pacific University and Indiana University. In his twenties, a profound mystical experience dramatically instigated the beginning of his spiritual journey. Over the next few years he dedicated his time to deepening the transformation that he experienced, integrating the knowledge and wisdom imparted. Since then LD has been working with individuals and groups as a mentor and counselor. His book, THE MESSAGE: A Guide To Being Human conveys a simple but profound message: Your life is designed by your Soul. The more you listen to your Soul and act on its urgings, the more you realize that you are a spiritual being living in a body to fulfill a curriculum, and the more graceful and joyous your life becomes. Find out more about LD at

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Communication with all Life Guided Meditation by Joan Ranquet

Communication with all Life Guided Meditation is designed to help get your get out of your own way to be available mentally, physically, emotionally to communicate with an animal. This Mp3 meditation is very important because it helps to remove our filters. Our “stuff” can be mental, physical, emotional and sometimes even spiritual by nature. When we can get our own ‘stuff’ out of the way, we can be a clearer channel for others.

Joan Ranquet, Animal Communicator and author of Communication with all Life, Revelations of an Animal Communicator (Hay House) is the founder of Communication with all Life University. Through private sessions, workshops, teleseminars and speaking events, Joan facilitates a deepening of the human/animal connection. Joan was chosen by MSN as one of the “Top 25 People Who Do What They Love”. Her newest book, “Energy Healing for Animals, Techniques to Enhance the Health, Longevity & Happiness of the Animals We Love” will be also be out 2013 (Sounds True). “Animal Communication 101, Simple Steps to Communicate with Animals” came out January 2012.

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Rescue Me! The Rescue of the Week ~

There was a lot of heavy breathing coming from the back seat of the car.  The windows were down and the wind was flying through the hair, the white flying dog hairs.  Ellen (human) and Luna (Great Pyrenees) had just adopted Stanley – another big fluffy white Great Pyrenees.

This week in “Rescue Me, The Rescue of the Week”, I am focusing on Great Pyrenees Rescue in Elbert Colorado –

The Great Pyrenees Rescue is run by Linda and John Kryder,  a couple that has been married for almost 60 years and work together as a team for the betterment of the 9 dogs that are currently up for adoption.  The website says they have placed over 800 dogs, I thought they said that they had placed over 1700 dogs.

Linda and John Kryder will drive around in the Rocky Mountain region (maybe even a larger area than that) to either pick up or deliver Great Pyrenees.  They consider themselves to be a middle ground – they know that all the dogs will find great homes and they are patient.

The Kryder’s have a very nice set up for the dogs.  There are 3 fenced acres for play time.  There is a meet and greet area for the people and dogs.  They have wonderful kennels and runs for the dogs to be in. 

They have an intuition about who will be the right person for these dogs, yet, the Kryder’s allow the dog to pick.  They said that the dog knows when they meet with people who their people are.

The Kryder’s got their first Pyrenees in the early 1990’s and went through many trials and tribulations to figure out how to deal with such an independent thinker as their puppy proved to be.  With all the ups and downs, it still hooked them to that breed! 

Now they have gone to the dogs – the Great Pyrenees.  Some fun things to note about Great Pyrenees is they are mountain dogs, hailing from the Pyrenees mountains – Northern Spain and Southern France.  They are herd guardians, they could guard from a sleeping position.  Make no mistake; they can go from zero to 60 with an impressive bark and standoff ability in about 2 seconds!  When in a home, these guys could be put in the couch potato category – in fact they could guard from bed.

Great Pyrenees are wonderful companions as well as still great livestock dogs.  They are becoming known for their rescue work as well as their therapy work and excellent in fun competitive disciplines.  They adapt well and are social.  They recognize predators and have a special nurturing side for small, young or sick animals.

If you are looking to adopt a Great Pyrenees, take a look at the dogs that Linda and John Kryder have – one couple is driving from Florida to pick  up their second dog up this weekend!!  Or if you are looking for a wonderful, caring rescue to donate to –

Stanley (pictured above) has settled in nicely at Ellen’s house. 

And of course Luna (pictured below) rules with an iron fist, or paw…..from the bed!

 Joan Ranquet, Animal Communicator, Speaker & Author of “Communication with all Life, Revelations of an Animal Communicator” published by Hay House.  Joan is the founder of Communication with all Life University and is launching an Animal Communication Home Study Course.

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Dolphin Dreams and other random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

Me playing with Sushi

 At least once a week since I have been back from the Dolphin trip, I have dolphin dreams.  I’m not normally a dreamer like that so this is unusual.  I daydream of being in the deep blue waters of Bimini and being able to hold my breath forever and swim and play with them.  The dolphin trip is software that is still installing in my being. 
If you don’t know about the dolphin trip, if you aren’t one of my friends or family that feels compelled to read my blog, if you are someone that happed upon this……the said dolphin trip was an Animal Communication Swim with Dolphins trip.  I was to teach animal communication and we were on a fabulous boat called Indigo with Dolphin Expeditions.  The crew was wonderful, all of them dolphin experts and offered a different angle or point of view.  The crew had amazing experiences collectively and individually with dolphins and that inviting warm bathwater like sea. 

There was no guarantee of dolphins – just a hope and in past experiences: some weeks they had some, some weeks they had none.  Some weeks they had plenty. 

Dolphins bring up childlike magic for people.  They stir joy in the crabbiest of people.  A smile washes across almost any face when they hear the word dolphin.  What is it about this mythical creature for us?  And what could we learn from such grace?

We left Bimini with our dolphin hopes and sure enough on the first evening we saw a dolphin and her baby and the next thing you know, we were in the water before we even learned to free dive!  The first couple of dolphins were magical and yet, throughout that week, the mystical dolphin week, dolphins seemed to multiply, coming out of nowhere.  As if they heard “Hey, those people are all in the water again, let’s go and play with them.” 

The first big swim I remember my mask fogging from tears of joy.  The second day of swimming with them I nearly choked on water consistently because I couldn’t stop giggling!  There aren’t words really that match the experience as a whole, the words I’m typing here are simply relaying some impressions.  Like any dream, I’ve lost all chronological order to the whole trip!

I had a moment out in the sea that I felt as though I were spun like a top in an enchanting dance, as our eyes locked, I was mesmerized into the soul of my dance partner, a dolphin.  Once I was still and the dizziness subsided, I realized that this dolphis had initiated me into some trance, another world, another way of thinking.

It is a dream to be in the blue so deep and to see dolphins swimming by.  Their whole body motion adds to their presence of a magnificent being.  Even more amazing was that they chose us to be their amusement, they wanted to engage, to play.  Their pods would circle us and have us stay as a pod as if we all played better together in teams.   

People kept asking me afterward, what did the dolphins tell you?  I must say, I was so enthralled by the experience that I went into the waters with joy, gratitude, hope…….those were wonderful feelings to sustain for the hours we played in the water each day. 

In the end it was pretty clear through the actions what they taught.  If I were to abridge the messages and the experience, the cliff notes would be twofold –  1.  Joy, gratitude and hope must become the most familiar of feelings within my whole being.  2. That we are also a really great species and to enjoy each other, to connect back up despite our differences and be a groovy pod.

As simple as that all appears, some days, all or part of it is a really tall order.  Yet, that’s my homework until I get my deep blue sea dolphin lessons next June.  I am eternally grateful that the dolphin experience is now part of my internal hard drive! 

Blessings, Joan Ranquet

Animal Communicator, Author, Speaker

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Birds of a Feather Flock together – Eagles Freedom and funny girl Wanbli Askata and other random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

My Animal Communication class in the Seattle area in October - Freedom was "done" with the communication at this point!

I’m visiting in Florida, about to teach my Animal Communication weekend workshop.  On any of my visits, I create a walk in the morning as my way of settling into that location.  Here outside of Orlando in Osteen, I’m teaching right off the St. John’s river preserve.  On my walk today, I saw a hawk, black birds filling the sky and a family of cranky prehistoric looking long legged birds whose cry rivals a peacock – it turns out they are Sand Hill Cranes.   I also saw turkey vultures, right after that, I heard the gobble of a turkey like someone had a soundtrack on my walk only to turn and find a blue faced busy body turkey.  To top it all off, I saw an eagle.  I frequently wonder in the wild about how big a wild animal’s personality could be……

Last month my Animal Communication class in the Seattle area, was fortunate enough to go to Sarvey Wildlife Center and talk to the famous Eagle Freedom.  Freedom is the subject of Jeff Guidry’s book “An Eagle Named Freedom, My True Story of a Remarkable Friendship”.  (Mini review below.)  We also got to connect with Wanbli Askata – (translation: playful eagle).  As a result of getting to communicate with these two within minutes of each other, I no longer wonder about personality, of any wild animal. 

I know now I’m not anthropomorphizing.  Nor am I going to add my humanness to the equation.

One of the students was struck by the fact that these eagles were not able to fly.  She kept putting her sadness on the situation as if humans were purposely keeping these animals there.  I’m not saying this isn’t sad or that at the time of the accident, it wasn’t tragic.  However, after any tragedy, there is a point of accepting the reality in order to move on.

Like any sanctuary, these animals are there because they couldn’t survive in the wild.   Animals in these settings were either injured in the wild or were handled by humans in a truly inappropriate way for their species (i.e. buying cute little tiger babies and then they grow and are big and dangerous and are – oh yeah, huh, that baby tiger is just what you bought – a tiger now.) 

The animals that come in with injuries either elegantly become part of the educational system of these programs or their big spirit gets smaller and smaller until their little lights dim and they check out across the rainbow bridge.  Some animals are somewhere in between.  It takes a special spirit in this wild animal kingdom filled with instinct to be part of our education.  Oh are they special creatures!

None of the other students in my program picked up on the sadness of the two eagles we talked to nor did Jeff Guidry talk about the sadness.  He said that Freedom on occasion feels her wild oats so to speak and lifts her wings – knowing she won’t go anywhere.  Freedom actually has become like an Eagle/human ambassador, part of the education program at Sarvey and all over the Pacific Northwest.  You could say she was rather famous even prior to the book coming out. 

Her fame is actually greater than showing up at school programs or powwows – not to diminish that significance………..her fame is rather viral if you will.  I met Jeff because for the millionth time, I got that e-mail – you know the one that you’re weeping within 3 lines down…. the e-mail titled “beautiful story about a survivor”.  It tells the story of this broken winged beautiful baby eagle that for 4-6 weeks couldn’t stand and was nearly at the point of being euthanized until a guy named Jeff saved her with his love.  The e-mail goes on to tell the story of Jeff’s cancer and how her love years later saved him. 

I had seen this e-mail so many times that I finally googled the guy and discovered not only did he just have a book out – but there was a book signing the following Monday.  I made friends with him on Facebook and it turns out he’s the next town over!  We became real friends ~

Freedom gets a lot of attention.  A lot of doors are open for her and she walks through them with the natural splendor that any diva would.  Her eyes peer right into your soul and you could say that this is the great healing quality that she has.  It is the same intensity that people go to religious or Spiritual beings for healing.  Just to look into those eyes…… she has the power of the greats: a transmission that sees into your being and lifts you.  Any spirit is elevated in her presence.

It comes with a price.  She is very clear like any star that she has had enough.  She is not subtle when she reaches that point.  Jeff is the only one that can “handle” her – all puns included.  My class definitely picked up on her healing and star like quality.  Her elegance was not missed.  Her ability to see into people was quite clear.  When she was done with us, she was done and off she went to her home. 

Then, she was a little shy about taking a bath in front of the students, she clearly needed her alone time.

            Next the class went on to talk to Wanbli Askata in the adjoining Eagle house.  Wanbli Askata is so the opposite.  She wants the attention for her funniness and her antics.  In fact, Jeff brought her a turkey leg and Wanbli Askata took it over to her teddy bear and did a happy dance on the bear.  I swear she was smiling.  She definitely got her groove so to speak from being next to Freedom.  (Birds of a feather flock together.)  Wanbli Askata learned a lot from Freedom, she learned confidence, and she learned elegance.  She truly had the sense of being the sometimes awkward but cute wacky little sister.

There is nothing shy about Wanbli Askata.  Once she got her sea legs from freedom with people, she became a true comedienne. 

So there was the answer to the big burning question that I ponder every day when out in nature.  I have seen very funny squirrels, clever raccoons, bold deer, etc.  These super distinct and big personalities are so fun to experience.  I will blog soon about the big personalities of some big cats I just met…….and soon, after my dolphin trips of course there will be stories! 

Meanwhile, places like Sarvey Wildlife Center can use any donation – large or small – please feel free to take a look at this inspiring place:

One of the most amazing things about Sarvey is they have drop off locations throughout King and Snohomish County at various vet hospitals and an ambulance will come pick up the wildlife.  Very cool…….don’t forget also to buy Jeff’s book. 

Blessings, Joan

Joan Ranquet

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The truly remarkable day I got to meet Freedom last spring!

 “An Eagle Named Freedom, My True Story of a Remarkable Friendship” by Jeff Guidry is a wonderful book about an amazing relationship.  Jeff Guidry was a volunteer at Sarvey Wildlife Center when a young Eagle that would forever change Jeff’s life was brought in – very injured.  The eagle was responsive to Jeff Guidry but not many others.  His kind voice on the ride to the first hospital visit created the connection for the enduring bond that exists to this day for an Eagle that will never fly and is dependent upon man for her needs, specifically that man – Jeff Guidry.

As the story goes, she was never going to be able to fly again, but whether or not she would survive her injuries and had the will to stand was questioned from the start.  Jeff was smitten from the first car ride and weeks later, she stood thus proving her strong will.  The book goes on to tell of the many wonderful events as they grew closer together, other fun characters both human and other species (cougar, bear, etc.) and ultimately how she saved his life during his battle with cancer years later.  It is a wonderful story of two species in love so to speak – or acting in a loving fashion and the deep connection they share. 

Secretariat – the movie, the horse, One Mind and other random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

That sexy "Big Red" Secretariat

“Secretariat, the Impossible True Story”  was a delight to see.  The deep communication between the horse and his humans, the devoted connection, the knowingness of who this soul was, and the One Mind at work between all of the players was woven through the story.  Secretariat (a.k.a. Big Red) expected everyone around him work from a place of reverence.  Including his fans!!  So of course he won the Triple Crown.  Even though we know that this is the ending, the film was still fun to watch as his trajectory unfolded.

A non-horse person would ask “What is the Triple Crown Joan?”  The Triple Crown consists of three hugely defining horse races: The Kentucky Derby – 1 ¼ miles; The Preakness  – 1 3/16 miles; The Belmont Stakes –  1 ½ miles.  The Belmont is usually the crucial factor as many can do the first two but it is just enough longer that the Belmont is where the game is usually over. 

Secretariat is a horse that I have not only been obsessed with, but I have had the great fortune to interview his rider, Eddie Maple in Secretariat’s final race at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto.   I have always been curious about Secretariat because of how evolved he seemed to be  – he knew people adored him – he loved his fans like Lady Gaga does. 

Secretariat loved his job.  In fact, once he hit the finish line, he usually continued to go faster and faster and continue to break records, because he could.  (BECAUSE HE COULD – we humans are so lazy!!)  It’s also a very Aries feature, the pioneer, miles ahead of the pack on a

From my book “Communication with all Life, Revelations of an Animal Communicator”: This was 1973, Watergate was going on as well as the Viet Nam War. Because Secretariat had such a winning spirit, he mesmerized fans like the greats before him: Seabiscuit and Man O’War. On that particular day in a rainy, cold Ontario, however, Secretariat had much going against him. The fog was so thick that it delayed his last workout before the race. The weather, while daunting, didn’t stop over 30,000 fans from showing up to watch him. Secretariat’s regular jockey, Ron Turcotte, who had triumphed with him in The Triple Crown was disqualified. So Eddie Maple was picked to ride. This was like a dream come true for Eddie, but not without a lot at stake to be riding the greatest horse in his last race. Also they would be racing against another great horse, the Canadian superstar Kennedy’s Road.                Eddie told me about that magical day. He knew Secretariat would either win big or he wouldn’t put his heart in it. Eddie said that on that day, you could hear a pin drop. He himself stayed very quiet yet expectant, and that’s how the whole team was as well―the trainer, the owner, and Secretariat. They won the race.                                To me, that is one of the best illustrations of One Mind at work. While it seems like an odd thing to start out a chapter on One Mind, it isn’t at all. Sports and money are measurable things in the world we have created here on planet earth. That’s what we humans have to learn from, to guide us. We like measurement.

mission.  He sulked if he didn’t win.  He also was part of a very important team of humans that connected on such a deep level to make the winning so sweet, those humans also needed that win.  It was a true team.  This was evident in the film.

Part of my interview with Eddie Maples is in my book “Communication with all Life, Revelations of an Animal Communicator” and I’ve reproduced the first couple of paragraphs here in the box!  Eddie Maple confirmed for me all that I already knew about Secretariat and the film is also a wonderful illustration.

What is it about Secretariat……..?

It was more about that deep connection than the actual win.  It was One Mind at work as I talk about in my book – he was the center piece of alignment between the owner, the trainer, the jockey and the groom.  The film really conveys that.  We all know the ending and yet our heart pounds and we want him to win.  All of these players in the whole needed that win.

As I bought my ticket, a couple ahead of me asked the young girl in the ticket booth what the film “Secretariat” was…..she said it was a horse movie.  WOW.   I wanted to scream – it’s an inspiration against all odds and an army of beings that made something seemingly IMPOSSIBLE happen.  I hope the young girl in the ticket booth gets to watch the movie and know what it really is.

It’s beyond an inspiration as it is the alleged luck of the draw.  Penny Tweedy Chenery won the colt in a coin toss.  It was a moment in time that everything convened for perfection and not without some pretty big choices and many more moments to continue to ask some hard questions of oneself.

Even for Eddy Maple the rider of the last race at the Woodbine track in Canada, after all the big Triple Crown glory, he knew it was just let go and ride.  He had to surrender to Secretariat’s greatness.  Secretariat was known to give all or nothing.  That race, at Woodbine, Secretariat won by 6 ½ lengths on grass.  This is almost as impressive as the Belmont win as grass is not something he was used to AND the weather was working against them.

In the interview, Eddy talks about being able to hear a pin drop before the race.  I went to the Kentucky Derby years ago with MSNBC.  Days before the race, I got to communicate with the horses in the big race.  The Derby day, right before ‘the race’ I got to be present on the backstretch like a fly on the wall.  I’ll never forget the silent parade that happens on the backstretch.  Each trainer, groom, owner, is in deep thought/prayer and superstition reigns.  The horses are even mesmerized into behaving until they reach the track for the rest of the walk to the paddock. 

Once they reach the track toward the stands, the mayhem of the 100,000 plus keg in the infield and the sea of hats and gallantry in the stands and boxes is an overstimulation at best!  Yet that walk from the stall to the track itself is a true walking meditation and a surprisingly solemn and sacred moment. 

Secretariat the horse and the movie is a wonderful and sometimes daunting reminder of what we’re all going for….even in our darkest moments.  What appears to be our luck of the draw?  Who is on our team?  What is our Kentucky Derby?   What is our Triple Crown?  What did we bet everything on – or are willing to bet everything on?  What are we willing to walk toward in silence and then give our all to? 

All that packed into just a horse movie.  Great acting, great costumes, fun movie – go see Secretariat!  Animals are such great teachers – especially Big Red! 

Blessings, Joan

Joan Ranquet

Animal Communictor, Author, Speaker – – check out the dolphin trips and workshops!

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Communication with All Life University Graduation, Dr. Steven Farmer and other random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

Big fun was had by all!

Barely a week ago was the graduation dinner for the first year of Communication with all Life University. It was quite a year.  We spent the last 3 days of it working from early until late. Our finals were at Little Bit Therapeutic riding center. There, my students talked to a couple of horses in the program and dogs that the staff brought from home.  It was an awesome day. Bittersweet – Awesome for them.  For me? Also amazing – and I have to let them blossom on their own – time to let go – how spring like!!!!

In the time that they were here, we reviewed the last year in terms of each of the student’s accomplishments as well as how they utilized their electives (of body work or energy work).  We examined how to set up and market their Animal Communicator practice/business.  Of course, that blueprint has been in place for some time through the various assignments.  We had intuitive moments and business building as well as structure creating and brainstorming on how to build the day/week/career they want.  Many stayed on for Animal Alchemy – the others flew out that had taken it last year – what a 10 day period!

The growth and commitment of everyone has been astounding.  I’m so moved.  I am amazed at how much these people wanted to stretch and how far they came by being willing.  We have had so many laughs and plenty of tears.  

Our excursions have always been fun (I love a good field trip whether we are at the Seattle campus or the Orlando campus!)  Our field trips have been as wide-ranging as Snoqualmie Falls to a Trapeze Act during dinner to an Orb tour to the Pike Place Market Ghost tour to a Magic show in Orlando, Fairy hikes, trail rides outside of Orlando, the cow milking package to the Space Needle.  Not to mention, wonderful dinners!  Hopefully next Orlando trip is an airboat ride and next October here is a sea plane over the city.

Aside from the use of the electives, they all expressed something they learned and tried from the various Animal Education Teleseminars.  Or what they gained (or didn’t) from the various assignments.

They have raised the bar for me in terms of what to expect from students. For the most part when I said jump – they didn’t question, they telepathically asked “how high”?  And then they elegantly followed through.  I couldn’t have asked for a better, more diverse and wonderful group.   Oh did I drive them crazy sometimes!

I also have great help from Shannon the Lead Mare and Dean of Students.  Additionally, the dorm couldn’t have been a wackier place at TYD Farm (Thank you Virginia).  And thank you Geri for your serene dorm in Geneva, Fl.

Thank you Shannon, Pam, Diane, Sarah and Veronica for making me become a better teacher!

Listen to the grads on Pet Talk Live with me yesterday (March 24th 2010):  They did great kitten readings! Always, the kittens can be found on

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And of course my new RADIO SHOW – PET TALK LIVE! Tomorrow is Dr. Steven Farmer – woohoo!!!   March 31st 2010  Have you ever wondered about your Power Animals and what it all means? Do you know who your Animal Spirit Guides are? Are you finding Earth’s magic in the everyday realm? If these are questions in your stratosphere, you may want to join me when I interview Dr. Steven Farmer – Author of “Earth Magic” and much more.  We will have the usual readings for my personal kittens, the Rescue of the week and I’m happy to do readings for you on this very special show. Even better – talk to Dr. Steven Farmer!   

Blessings, Joan

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The Literary Word – Book Reviews: Communication With All Life: Revelations of an Animal Communicator by Joan Ranquet

The Literary Word – Book Reviews: Communication With All Life: Revelations of an Animal Communicator by Joan Ranquet. This is a nice review of my book – it’s nice after all this time to find people still out there reading it and sharing their thoughts. Most importantly, she is using it – as in she actually isn’t using the word ‘rescue’ anymore, rather adopted!  Thank you Charlene for the nice review!

I’m still in Denver, one more event to go at the Shining Lotus to benefit tomorrow night to benefit the Harrison Memorial Animal Hospital.

The Rocky Mountain Horse Expo in Denver has been great.  I enjoyed the groups each day of my lectures and loved reconnecting with many old clients and friends. I obviously need to keep coming back!  I got to see Temple Grandin speak and can’t wait to dive into her newest book (and yes I have a signed copy!)

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In Transit, literally and the film – as always, other random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

Isabella said goodnight to 2009 a while ago!

Happy New Year!  It is a time of opportunity, fun and amazing transformation.  Last year feels like it had all the awkward growing pains for what is going to set sail this new decade. 

I have had my own personal transformation. . . in the last 8 weeks, I lost my 90 year old father.  He was such an inspiration to many and while I know that he is with my mom and many other great animal companions, relatives and friends, it is still fresh and painful.  I so hear the pain in my clients voice as they call either about an animal that they recently lost or about to lose.

For some reason the holidays accentuate that, whether it is that we love memories around this type of year so the loss feels greater than say a random day in June or the mere fact that it is literally the darkest time of the year.  No matter as to the origin of the pain, the pain is there and deserves attention – being brought to the light.

I’m also writing because on the otherside of the holidays, here in the new year, I don’t remember a time I felt more hopeful.  There are so many exciting things in the wings that I will slowly reveal as they come to fruition. 

For me – it is also a time of tranformation in my career. In the worst economy, I started Communication with all Life University and in March – I have my first graduating class.  I’m blogging – I don’t even text regularly, yet I love this.  Lots of other things are transforming before my eyes that are so positive, so amazing……the reason I’m writing this is I know it is for you as well.  Sometimes we just can’t see it.

I found a video from my past – I used to be an actress for those that don’t know my history or haven’t read my book, “Communication with all Life”.  I’m actually posting it because talk about a transformation!!  The video below is just a fun reminder of the world I came from – acting!! I loved acting, I loved the whole world of it. I educated myself in the best possible situations, I knew all the right people and yet………well the video is great – it was my dream to act and yet I followed another big passion – animals and I don’t look back (except to view various productions I was in):

Dailymotion – In transit, par Cédric Klapisch – une vidéo Cinéma.

Then this life of being an Animal Communicator totally took over my life!! I’m happy to say that this is definitely the work I’m supposed to be doing. I have been busy since about the day I said I’d do it…..unlike life in my acting world. I will say I was always getting some sort of play, little film, etc. I always joked with my Dad that I finally got a steady job when I became a pet psychic.  

Clearly I didn’t love the acting world enough to endure the actor’s lifestyle. Or there was a better divine plan for me.  Either way – this work, this life has brought us together even if just through these words on a screen.  My wish for you is that you follow your dream and find your divine plan!

Now my work and my lifestyle are congruant. I love that. On the days that I’m home doing phone sessions, I’m here with my own animals. If I go away from my home to talk to an animal – funny how that works, I’m with animals!

I know I’m very lucky and I want to take this time to thank all of my clients and students and even readers who are what make this life possible.

I have  a few more things to add:

1. January 3rd – 5:00 pm PST. CALL IN! Scott Cluthe Radio Show please call in!!  

2. I’m teaching a weekend workshop in Missoula Mt. January 8-10th for details go to: or contact Kate Templeman @ (406) 273-3151 or e-mail her @

3.  I have a big contest that is below – “What’s in a name…..” if you have a story as to how you chose a name – or the name chose your animal companion – let us know.  Me, and my University students will be picking out the winners and the contest winner details are here:

Each person that enters gets a free Animal Education Teleseminar of your choice ($20.00 value). The first place winner gets a free weekend Animal Communication Seminar in either Orlando in Feb. or Seattle in April ($350.00 value- travel expenses not included). Second place winner gets 10 Animal Education Teleseminar calls ($200 value).  Third place winner gets either an Animal Communication Workshop Teleseminar  with me OR 5 Animal Education Teleseminar calls hosted by me with amazing guests – or download of previous amazing calls (valued at $100.00).  The contest winners will be announced January 25th.  May the best name win! Enter your pet’s name and how or why they got their name and send to

Remember to always check my schedule for when I could be in YOUR town teaching an Animal Communication mini class

Enjoy, Joan

Joan Ranquet

Animal Communicator, Author, Speaker and founder of Communication with all life University (animal communication certification program).,

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Pet owners turn to massage, yoga to help furry friends —

Pet owners turn to massage, yoga to help furry friends —

It’s always great to have a nice mention. . . .I happened to be calling the Orlando Sentinel about one of the benefits we were doing and the next thing you know I was being interviewed about my Animal Communication classes and ultimately asked about my University.

I’m very proud of my University. My students are doing great and the first round of 5 are about to graduate in March.  So the heat is on for them. We are creating a business and intuition building exercise that will last for the next 3 months. It will get them out in the community they live in, engage other practitioners, have them use their electives and also work with local pet businesses. Not to mention, one of the ultimate beneficiaries of this assignment is the rescue org of their choice.  It’s awesome. (I’m calling it THE assignment – not to scare them or anything!)

And they are an amazing and courageous group of people. I’m proud to have Communication with all Life University mentioned in the Orlando Sentinel. I’m also glad to see the work of Jo Maldanado and CAT (Center for Animal Therapies.)

We had a great Dr. Steven Farmer call last night and the exciting news is we will be doing a live event soon together – but that’s all I can share. Interested in Aromatherapy for pets? Saddle fitting – join the teleseminars – for more info:


More random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

dog sitter Auntie Olivia 003

Olivia is the most amazing Aunt……she takes care of the kittens when the momma is away. The kittens are so cute at this point sometimes I have to have a cute time out. Really it is overwhelming the cute factor!!

I have big things – I have an Animal Communication University to put together and I can’t have so much cuteness!

The teleseminars are a big hit. More people are joining the University, all is well here. The cute factor just adds to the equation. It was hard on the University call tonight with my students not to do a blow by blow call of what the kittens are doing on their kitten turn out. But then again, I could do it all day long with anyone that called that would listen to cute kitten stories!

It just reminds me that everyday is precious.

And that’s a great thing.

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