TNT for Dogs (supplement) – Product Review – Straight from the Dog’s Mouth

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I travel a lot to teach animal communication. Early September 2012, I started my dogs on the Dynamite Canine TNT. I have always loved Showdown (the dog vitamin). The smell alone makes the morning right, along with coffee, of course. I’ve also been a big fan of the horse TNT – a combination of my favorite vitamin, minerals, joint supplement and more. I have been hoping one day for the human and then the cat TNT – hopefully, those are future product reviews!

The last weekend of September, as usual, I am in Denver, teaching Animal Communication. On day 2, I hand out the picture of my dog Olivia for the class to connect with her remotely. It is an intimate group of about 15 and Olivia is an excellent teacher for day 2. For my students, Olivia’s picture builds confidence as she always gives the same type of message to each individual.

When it came time for feedback from the animal communication session, every person was saying: “Olivia says her coat is soft.” Something along these lines was mentioned by all members of the class. “Olivia says her coat is beautiful”. I have to be honest… is nice. Isabella, my black lab has a super shiny, noticeable coat. Always has. I didn’t want to tell my students that Isabella had a nicer coat, because, who am I to deny Olivia the right to feel as if she has a beautiful coat?! Right?

I leave Denver to work in North Carolina the first week of October. That following weekend, I have a Beg-Adv. Animal Communication workshop. Again, Olivia is telling the whole class how great her coat is. I think, Joan, take a deep breath… this the beginning of adult onset dog dementia? She’s only 10 at that time. It’s possible.

When I get back to my farm, after 2 weeks on the road, I kneel down to love on Olivia. I am blown away at how soft her coat is. She has always had a nice coat, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that Isabella has always had a stunning coat, so I didn’t want to compare in any way, shape or form. Yet, there she was, her coat so soft. And even more important to our adventurous lifestyle, her (then) 10 year old body is also so spry.

Olivia is now 11. I do rotate Omega 3’s, Turmeric and MSM on top of the Dynamite dog TNT – we go on 3 mile dog hikes 4 days a week….once a week with a large pack of dogs. She runs around this farm like she was 4. I keep up on body work by other practitioners and add in my own acupressure several mornings. The one consistent, everyday thing that keeps her super active and her coat so soft is the dynamite Canine TNT!

The dog TNT will improve anything – if you are feeding raw or if you cook for your animals. If you feed kibble or wet food – this is the ticket to making whatever you are doing even way, way better.


We have a very active life! We have lots of friends! A girl’s got to keep up with the rest of the pack, if not run it!


Here are the specifics per Dynamite:

Total Nutritional Top-dress – All-in-One Supplement for Dogs

Revolutionary Canine Nutrition
Your dogs will love taking their vitamins!

Dynamite’s Total Nutritional Top-dress, also known as Canine TNT, is revolutionary canine nutrition. It is an amazing all-in-one, easy-to-give supplement. This foundational product from Dynamite targets ultimate canine health through a synergistic combination of ingredients.
• Showdown vitamin and mineral supplement for overall health, skin and coat support
• Nutritional support of ligaments, cartilage and connective tissue with added Free & Easy
• Ground Barley Sprouts are active enzymes to help with nutrient absorption and overall immune system health
• Miracle Clay for digestion and detox
• SOD, Human Grade Medicinal Mushrooms, and Chia Seed to support immune system health
• Yeast Cell Wall Extract for amino acids
• Izmine for trace minerals, electrolytes, and bionutrients
• Yucca to reduce urine burn in lawns
• Kelp for iodine, trace minerals and chlorophyll
This formula really packs a punch, but will Fido eat it? Yes! Total Nutritional Top-dress is extremely palatable. Our product testers have reported that not only do their dogs LOVE the taste, it also exudes a favorable aroma when it’s being mixed, so the dog’s owners love it too!

Canine TNT is the perfect addition to any high-quality food. It is cutting-edge nutrition that is based on what Mother Nature intended. Transforming the dry powder into a delectable gravy is a snap. Simply mix in warm water, stir, wait a minute, and pour over your dog’s kibble.

The design of this new product stemmed after we had to discontinue Ultimate Dog Food. Our new top dress has everything Ultimate had plus many extras but without the meat and bone meal. If you want to recreate Ultimate, all you need is a good protein base, top with Total Nutritional Top-dress and you are giving your dog a perfect balance of protein, nutrients, and supplemental support.
To purchase, go to:

Blessings – Joan Ranquet

Dynamite Dog Food Product Review and other Random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

No matter how evolved they are, cats can’t read.  When the new Dynamite Dog food arrived, the cats were over the moon waiting for me to do something about the new bag that clearly contains deliciousness.  They could smell perfection and they could feel the energy of it.

They were not letting it go.  Olivia’s barks (obviously the dog) were along the lines of “that is dog food and it is mine.”  I have never seen them act like that over anything.  This is a household of love, a one for all and an all for one.  Tonight over the dog food – it was every dog or cat for him/herself.

I have been a Distributor of Dynamite products for 11 years now.  I have always loved every product they offer from horse to human to dog to cat to exotics.   I also have lifelong converts over to Dynamite among my clients and colleagues.

This dog food maintains the high standards of any other extraordinary product that Dynamite creates.  When Dynamite says they are going to improve something, they are developing from a standpoint of high quality greatness!!  It has been an organic and green company long before anyone else.  I love the concept of getting the gut right and everything else follows…..

“The proof is in the puddin’” as Jim Zamzow the president of Dynamite says……well the “puddin’” (dog food) was inhaled tonight and the cats are trying desperately to get into the dog food cabinet still, hours later.

No matter how evolved cats are, they don’t always listen to me.  I keep saying: “soon, soon the new cat food will be out, soon I promise”.  They don’t care, they want the dog food.  So do the dogs.  The whole gang has this plotted out.  If Henry (cat) can rig the door open long enough, the dogs will make a pounce and free the dog food.

Too bad for them, they live with a pet psychic and I can hear the plotting!!   Too bad for me, I won’t get sleep until I buy baby guards for the cupboards.

For ingredients, pricing or to order:  – special bonus as long as supplies last – Dynapro – the best probiotic on the market!!!!!!!!

New Super Premium Dog Food is Here!
Introducing new Super Premium Chicken and Turkey dog food! This superior formula is free of the common allergens corn and wheat, and is made with fresh, hand-trimmed USDA chicken and fresh, low-ash lamb. It also contains chicken cartilage that is rich in natural glucosamine. On top of that it contains prebiotics and probiotics to aid digestion.

Our food is made with minimal processing to help preserve the natural goodness of the ingredients. Our small-batch recipe is not baked. Instead, we use state-of-the-art technology that utilizes a low-temperature, high-moisture extrusion. This method assures all starch is cooked by no damage occurs to the proteins. Our new 40# bag features a one-way air valve to maintain optimal freshness.

Introductory Price! Now through January 31 get our new food for the old price!

Bonus Offer:Get a FREE 2 oz. bottle of Dyna Pro with the purchase of our new Super Premium dog food. Use Dyna Pro to ensure your pet has a smooth transition to its new food. ($12 value. While supplies last.)

Joan Ranquet, Animal Communicator and author of Communication with all Life, Revelations of an Animal Communicator (Hay House) is the founder of Communication with all Life University. Through private sessions, workshops, teleseminars and speaking events, Joan facilitates a deepening of the human/animal connection. Joan was chosen by MSN as one of the “Top 25 People Who Do What They Love” and has been featured on Dateline, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Animal Planet, AMC Channel and in The Los Angeles Times, The Sun Sentinel and The Palm Beach Post, to name a few.  Her healing CD, Animal Alchemy Energy Work for Animals and Their Humans, will be out in 2012. Her newest book, “Energy Healing for Animals, Techniques to Enhance the Health, Longevity & Happiness of the Animals We Love” will be also be out late 2012 (Sounds True).   “Animal Communication 101, the Animal Communicators Journey” is out January 2012.  Again for dynamite info:

Spring cleaning with Energy work and other random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

Queen Latifah checking out the horse skull for Craniosacral class with Susan Crawford.

Queen Latifah checking out the horse skull for the Craniosacral Animal class with Susan Crawford, DC.


Rollie loves Animal Alchemy day - he gets energy work!

Rollie loves Animal Alchemy day - he gets energy work!

Remote Energy Work

Remote Energy Work for animals

Dawn checking Anya's crown chakra in my energy healing class.

Dawn checking Anya's crown chakra in my energy healing class.


I love to teach and love to learn.  During the month of March with all of the energy modalities that were taught here, we redefined March Madness!  It was the month of energy work a true spring cleaning.   I hosted a couple of great workshops and also taught Energy Healing for Animals with my Animal Alchemy class.   The classes ranged from the literal moving of stuff through clutter busting with Brooks  Palmer, the systems and bones with the Cranial Sacral for horses and dogs with Susan Crawford, D.C.  or Scalar Wave and other modalities in my energy class – it all had the same profound impact – giving people tools to clear out, clean out and move energy!

I’m a big believer in personal energetic management – in order to affect a change in others (i.e. being a healer or a great guardian to your animal companions) taking personal (energetic) responsibility is a great first step.  Whether it is literal physical energy as in STUFF, or the complexities of going into your own system and allowing the perfect right energy to settle – we have true gifts to offer ourselves and our beloveds. 

Energy Work on Dogs With Henry (the cat) watching.

Energy Work on Dogs With Henry (the cat) watching.


Dogs love craniosacral work!

Dogs love craniosacral work!Brooks Palmer's Clutter Busting workshop was great!Susan Crawford in demand as she teaches teams the craniosacral work on horses.

Queen Latifah wanted me to keep someone elses clutter - easy bake oven tins - can you blame her?
Queen Latifah wanted to save other people’s clutter (easy bake oven tins!)

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In Transit, literally and the film – as always, other random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

Isabella said goodnight to 2009 a while ago!

Happy New Year!  It is a time of opportunity, fun and amazing transformation.  Last year feels like it had all the awkward growing pains for what is going to set sail this new decade. 

I have had my own personal transformation. . . in the last 8 weeks, I lost my 90 year old father.  He was such an inspiration to many and while I know that he is with my mom and many other great animal companions, relatives and friends, it is still fresh and painful.  I so hear the pain in my clients voice as they call either about an animal that they recently lost or about to lose.

For some reason the holidays accentuate that, whether it is that we love memories around this type of year so the loss feels greater than say a random day in June or the mere fact that it is literally the darkest time of the year.  No matter as to the origin of the pain, the pain is there and deserves attention – being brought to the light.

I’m also writing because on the otherside of the holidays, here in the new year, I don’t remember a time I felt more hopeful.  There are so many exciting things in the wings that I will slowly reveal as they come to fruition. 

For me – it is also a time of tranformation in my career. In the worst economy, I started Communication with all Life University and in March – I have my first graduating class.  I’m blogging – I don’t even text regularly, yet I love this.  Lots of other things are transforming before my eyes that are so positive, so amazing……the reason I’m writing this is I know it is for you as well.  Sometimes we just can’t see it.

I found a video from my past – I used to be an actress for those that don’t know my history or haven’t read my book, “Communication with all Life”.  I’m actually posting it because talk about a transformation!!  The video below is just a fun reminder of the world I came from – acting!! I loved acting, I loved the whole world of it. I educated myself in the best possible situations, I knew all the right people and yet………well the video is great – it was my dream to act and yet I followed another big passion – animals and I don’t look back (except to view various productions I was in):

Dailymotion – In transit, par Cédric Klapisch – une vidéo Cinéma.

Then this life of being an Animal Communicator totally took over my life!! I’m happy to say that this is definitely the work I’m supposed to be doing. I have been busy since about the day I said I’d do it…..unlike life in my acting world. I will say I was always getting some sort of play, little film, etc. I always joked with my Dad that I finally got a steady job when I became a pet psychic.  

Clearly I didn’t love the acting world enough to endure the actor’s lifestyle. Or there was a better divine plan for me.  Either way – this work, this life has brought us together even if just through these words on a screen.  My wish for you is that you follow your dream and find your divine plan!

Now my work and my lifestyle are congruant. I love that. On the days that I’m home doing phone sessions, I’m here with my own animals. If I go away from my home to talk to an animal – funny how that works, I’m with animals!

I know I’m very lucky and I want to take this time to thank all of my clients and students and even readers who are what make this life possible.

I have  a few more things to add:

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3.  I have a big contest that is below – “What’s in a name…..” if you have a story as to how you chose a name – or the name chose your animal companion – let us know.  Me, and my University students will be picking out the winners and the contest winner details are here:

Each person that enters gets a free Animal Education Teleseminar of your choice ($20.00 value). The first place winner gets a free weekend Animal Communication Seminar in either Orlando in Feb. or Seattle in April ($350.00 value- travel expenses not included). Second place winner gets 10 Animal Education Teleseminar calls ($200 value).  Third place winner gets either an Animal Communication Workshop Teleseminar  with me OR 5 Animal Education Teleseminar calls hosted by me with amazing guests – or download of previous amazing calls (valued at $100.00).  The contest winners will be announced January 25th.  May the best name win! Enter your pet’s name and how or why they got their name and send to

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Enjoy, Joan

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