Communication with All Life University Graduation, Dr. Steven Farmer and other random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

Big fun was had by all!

Barely a week ago was the graduation dinner for the first year of Communication with all Life University. It was quite a year.  We spent the last 3 days of it working from early until late. Our finals were at Little Bit Therapeutic riding center. There, my students talked to a couple of horses in the program and dogs that the staff brought from home.  It was an awesome day. Bittersweet – Awesome for them.  For me? Also amazing – and I have to let them blossom on their own – time to let go – how spring like!!!!

In the time that they were here, we reviewed the last year in terms of each of the student’s accomplishments as well as how they utilized their electives (of body work or energy work).  We examined how to set up and market their Animal Communicator practice/business.  Of course, that blueprint has been in place for some time through the various assignments.  We had intuitive moments and business building as well as structure creating and brainstorming on how to build the day/week/career they want.  Many stayed on for Animal Alchemy – the others flew out that had taken it last year – what a 10 day period!

The growth and commitment of everyone has been astounding.  I’m so moved.  I am amazed at how much these people wanted to stretch and how far they came by being willing.  We have had so many laughs and plenty of tears.  

Our excursions have always been fun (I love a good field trip whether we are at the Seattle campus or the Orlando campus!)  Our field trips have been as wide-ranging as Snoqualmie Falls to a Trapeze Act during dinner to an Orb tour to the Pike Place Market Ghost tour to a Magic show in Orlando, Fairy hikes, trail rides outside of Orlando, the cow milking package to the Space Needle.  Not to mention, wonderful dinners!  Hopefully next Orlando trip is an airboat ride and next October here is a sea plane over the city.

Aside from the use of the electives, they all expressed something they learned and tried from the various Animal Education Teleseminars.  Or what they gained (or didn’t) from the various assignments.

They have raised the bar for me in terms of what to expect from students. For the most part when I said jump – they didn’t question, they telepathically asked “how high”?  And then they elegantly followed through.  I couldn’t have asked for a better, more diverse and wonderful group.   Oh did I drive them crazy sometimes!

I also have great help from Shannon the Lead Mare and Dean of Students.  Additionally, the dorm couldn’t have been a wackier place at TYD Farm (Thank you Virginia).  And thank you Geri for your serene dorm in Geneva, Fl.

Thank you Shannon, Pam, Diane, Sarah and Veronica for making me become a better teacher!

Listen to the grads on Pet Talk Live with me yesterday (March 24th 2010):  They did great kitten readings! Always, the kittens can be found on

If you are interested in upcoming events ( Animal Communication April 9, 10th & 11th) check out: And of course for readings:  Fabulous dog/cat/horse/soil/alpaca/car products:

And of course my new RADIO SHOW – PET TALK LIVE! Tomorrow is Dr. Steven Farmer – woohoo!!!   March 31st 2010  Have you ever wondered about your Power Animals and what it all means? Do you know who your Animal Spirit Guides are? Are you finding Earth’s magic in the everyday realm? If these are questions in your stratosphere, you may want to join me when I interview Dr. Steven Farmer – Author of “Earth Magic” and much more.  We will have the usual readings for my personal kittens, the Rescue of the week and I’m happy to do readings for you on this very special show. Even better – talk to Dr. Steven Farmer!   

Blessings, Joan

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Communication with all Life, Random thoughts and events of an Animal Communicator

I got to talk to a superstar today. I actually was there because of the other dog, Winter is having hind end troubles. Oddly enough he does well with wheels. I say oddly enough because, the reason his person, Ruth and I met is when Winter was 2 1/2 he freaked out pulling a cart and wouldn’t do it for the dog shows. This was 9 years ago. At the time, his brother Max was a champion. Max is long since gone. Winter is 11 and now he’s getting around with wheels. Ah the ironies in life. If it weren’t for his cart phobia I wouldn’t have met him, Ruth or Max. And Max and I had many sessions together for years and years.
There are Max stories in my book, Communication with all Life. Ruth came to one of the book signings at Barnes and Noble with the dogs. She’s been a big fan of my work and I hers. And now Tonka is coming up the show ranks. So I got to work on Winter and talk to Tonka today.

This is Ruth and Tonka in full action: Awesome. They are quite a team. And I’ll tell you Tonka is great at Obedience, carting, agility, freestyle – all of it.

And Winter of all things is a superstar just with sheer will. He is getting himself around like an amazing superstar.

And if you play this video – I’m warning you – your dogs may end up barking!

Communication with all Life, Random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

I haven’t posted lately. No excuses. Okay, well I have been caught up in news, life, events, and the usual. Most importantly, I have been really working on the certification program. I have to say I’m learning more from my students than they know. Many (okay really many) years ago, I was in a Shakespeare program – back in my acting days – a Yale School of drama program at Oxford. My Shakespeare teacher was Rosemary Harris. . . okay for those of you not so stage literate – she was Aunt May in the Spider-man films. One of the most amazing actresses ever – still is. Every morning she greeted us and told us that she learned so much from us – that it was her joy of teaching. Well I can honestly tip my hat off to her and know exactly what she is talking about.
To be in her acting light and have her greet us that way was nothing more than a breath of fresh air. And she meant it. I never questioned her, but I have certainly questioned other teachers along the way when they have said that….or perhaps there wasn’t the innocence, the awe, the revelation that Rosemary Harris couldn’t conceal. I certainly learn a lot (okay a ton) when I’m teaching – but lately – I have been astonished. Rosemary Harris hadn’t taught much before so there was a genuine wonder at the experience. I have taught for 11 years and while I have a genuine admiration every time I finish a weekend course or even a 2 hour class at a New Age Bookstore, a feed store – even Barnes & Noble have done some amazing book signing/speaking gigs with me……..and of course a quick talk at a Pet store – this whole program is almost overwhelming with the magnitude of my awe. How quickly people are getting it and are ready to be in that space to communicate with their animals is beyond anything. . . .And what it will evolve to be.
The challenge is the set up. There has been so much set up with all of this, that is why I’m not doing my writing, my leo social life and I can promise you my horses and dogs are a little over the idea of Communication with all Life University. Today was entirely a paperwork day with a little dog play – not much horse activity. Though, we’re all content at this moment. I can see the horses from here, still on their midnight snack and the dogs would love to go up to bed. Soon, soon I keep saying.
I’m looking forward to tomorrow – a full day of just chatting with animals. Doing what I do. I have the morning with my animals and the rest of the day with clients.
Okay off to bed with promises of mores ramblings.