Scottish terrier Sadie wins AKC national dog show – Pet Tales : The Orange County Register

Scottish terrier Sadie wins AKC national dog show – Pet Tales : The Orange County Register.

Look at that Sadie – so serious about her job and yet secretly, those Scotties can be so impish.  (Okay not so secretly if you’ve had a Scottie.)  I grew up with a Scottie. I love Scottie’s.  Her name was Penny – she was my very first dog – we picked her out of the litter at Thanksgiving from my cousins when I was seven and I slept in the back of the car with her all the way home from Spokane to Bellevue Wa (about 5 hours). We had another dog – Rini an elderly Manchester Terrier – Penyy wasn’t a big hit with Rini but she was my dog nonetheless.

I will always have a thing for Scotties. My cousin John (the same cousins) has a great Scottie named Sherman. Oh he gives my Olivia and Isabella a run for their money. He’ll pretend to play the game of letting them think it’s their house – but if there’s a ball – he’s going after it and may the best dog win.

Love the name Sadie – obviously the best dog won!!

p.s. remember that Saturday Night Live sketch – the famous quote – “if it isn’t Scottish – it’s crrrrrrraaaaaaap!”

p.p.s. I have blogged below about my new Cat Francesca potentially being the reincarnated Alexandria – my old cat – well I’ve often wondered if Olivia my 1/2 Border Collie is a reincarnation of Penny.  Oh more random thoughts of an Animal Communicator…..another post on pet reincarnation is clearly in the future says the pet psychic!!

YouTube – The kitten chronicles

YouTube – The kitten chronicles

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Please view the Youtube – The Kitten Chronicles…..It’s a very cute, sweet and to the point moment with the kittens. They are at that age that they have to go. At least a couple…..this has been interesting because I know in my heart of hearts there are perfect situations for these kittens. I have loved and adored them. They are outstanding – each of them have a personality…..each of them can play or sleep independently , each of them can play with each other…..they come running to me especially but are curious and accepting of all people and they LOVE dogs.

Their mom came to me as a ferral barn cat. Okay – that SO didn’t happen. What has happened as I’ve written about previously (scroll down) there is a chance that Francesca (momma kitty) is the cat reincarnated that disappeared 2 years ago. So just as a recap – I got Francesca on the two year anniversary of Alexandria’s departure.

And she was pregnant. And when I got Alexandria – my friend Jenni Hetrick and I dispersed Alexandria’s kittens so fast, I still regret not keeping one.

These kittens are not barn cats. Or Ferral. So my greatest hope for them is that they go where they are loved. As much as I’d love to say I’ll keep them all, the reality is – there may be better places for them. This is a brutal reality in terms of wildlife where I live. I will keep them if that is our fate – as I LOVE them and adore them and feel like we suffer from an abundance of cuteness around here. Yet, if a situation that is better than us presents itself – then it’s meant to be.

The kittens from left to right are Madeline, Henry, Lance, Buster Keaton, Queen Latifah and Tony Robbins.

All from the lovely mother Francesca……of course my dog Olivia is officially the Kitten Whisperer and my other dog Isabella is Auntie Belly.

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