Communication with all Life, Random thoughts and events of an Animal Communicator

I got to talk to a superstar today. I actually was there because of the other dog, Winter is having hind end troubles. Oddly enough he does well with wheels. I say oddly enough because, the reason his person, Ruth and I met is when Winter was 2 1/2 he freaked out pulling a cart and wouldn’t do it for the dog shows. This was 9 years ago. At the time, his brother Max was a champion. Max is long since gone. Winter is 11 and now he’s getting around with wheels. Ah the ironies in life. If it weren’t for his cart phobia I wouldn’t have met him, Ruth or Max. And Max and I had many sessions together for years and years.
There are Max stories in my book, Communication with all Life. Ruth came to one of the book signings at Barnes and Noble with the dogs. She’s been a big fan of my work and I hers. And now Tonka is coming up the show ranks. So I got to work on Winter and talk to Tonka today.

This is Ruth and Tonka in full action: Awesome. They are quite a team. And I’ll tell you Tonka is great at Obedience, carting, agility, freestyle – all of it.

And Winter of all things is a superstar just with sheer will. He is getting himself around like an amazing superstar.

And if you play this video – I’m warning you – your dogs may end up barking!

More Communication with all Life, random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

There is always the good with the bad. Life in my Animal Communication world is awesome. Yet, I’m still so saddened by the loss of my horse trainer’s horse. She (the horse trainer) okay I’ll name her – Cindy is my kind of horse trainer. She doesn’t push me to show but wants me to have exquisite education, meaning, doing it right by the horse in the classical dressage way and yet, enjoy.

I am one who loves to learn. (Okay with technology, I’m challenged!) With animals – I always love to learn – whether it’s health, behavior, animal nutrition, healing techniques or training. I showed horses as a kid. I have no desire to show now. My measurement is that aha moment in a lesson. Or that brain checkout on the trail. I have one horse for each of those needs. As I stare out into my sleepy barn aisle now, I know boot camp is about to hit April 1! My guilt assuaged, a program in place – all is good. I’m very excited. Yet my joy comes from the idea that there will be fitness, fun and learning. That is my personal end result with me and my horses (and dogs). I have many, MANY, many friends and clients that love to show and I applaud them. I sometimes even show up physically to say AWESOME. I have nothing against it – it is just not personally for me. Yet the learning aspect is.

However, my trainer just lost her horse Sully to colic. As an Animal Communicator or Pet Psychic whatever you want to call me, there is a place that each animal I connect with touches me. (And if we just go by weekly – it’s a LOT!) They all touch me.

Sully was someone that I thought I had a future with. I met him in person and did some work with my healing machine to get him ready for a clinic. He showed me intimate details of ‘how he got into the zone’ at the race track and how he could work with that with Cindy’s dressage program. As a result of what he taught me, I shared with Cindy and they had nice rides his last couple of weeks. However, I had anticipated he was going to teach me more (as I’m sure Cindy had thought the same about her beloved).

It is that constant reminder that the time is now and love is now. Whether you are gearing up for the Olympics or going out to the back yard to brush your 28 yr. gelding. Or helping your dog down the stairs or the cat up to his or her special feed bowl…..or even my 89 ¾ year old father. For me personally, with all of life, all of the news, all of technology, all of the Earth Hour or whatever is going on in life, the time is now.

With my Father, I know the time is now. With Sully, I’m still so surprised. He had a wonderful round of healings, went off to a clinic – was a prize student and partner and left the planet.

So many great beings are leaving the planet – like a Natasha Richardson or fill in the blanks. I recently lost a friend – Bill Lagan. He died, almost to the day of the death of my childhood friend Robin Webb 2 years ago. Both are such huge tragedies, yet, all perfect when we look at the set up. What did they stand for? What did they teach us? That lesson will still be with us even if it is not embodied.

I personally have to remember, wow, I have a giant team on the other side. Meanwhile, it doesn’t take away from the pain in the moment of losing that physical being. And the reality of that animal/person being gone.

I have created a space in my Communication with all Life University site for those animals that are challenged that are still hanging on to life. . . . if you so chose to place an animal there, there are some wonderful beings in all dimensions that will look after them. Please check out: Please join, add, whatever you feel like if you are with an animal or have a friend who could use some support.

I know somehow Sully taught me something that I may have initiated from him the lessons I needed , I will now have to go out and practice that with others. A very amazing technique I originally thought was exclusively his – it’s now universal. More on those experiments later……this was a dynamic changing event no matter what species, what discipline, what intention. Thank you Sully.
Blessings to you and your animal companions in all realms, Joan

Communication with all Life, Random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

I haven’t posted lately. No excuses. Okay, well I have been caught up in news, life, events, and the usual. Most importantly, I have been really working on the certification program. I have to say I’m learning more from my students than they know. Many (okay really many) years ago, I was in a Shakespeare program – back in my acting days – a Yale School of drama program at Oxford. My Shakespeare teacher was Rosemary Harris. . . okay for those of you not so stage literate – she was Aunt May in the Spider-man films. One of the most amazing actresses ever – still is. Every morning she greeted us and told us that she learned so much from us – that it was her joy of teaching. Well I can honestly tip my hat off to her and know exactly what she is talking about.
To be in her acting light and have her greet us that way was nothing more than a breath of fresh air. And she meant it. I never questioned her, but I have certainly questioned other teachers along the way when they have said that….or perhaps there wasn’t the innocence, the awe, the revelation that Rosemary Harris couldn’t conceal. I certainly learn a lot (okay a ton) when I’m teaching – but lately – I have been astonished. Rosemary Harris hadn’t taught much before so there was a genuine wonder at the experience. I have taught for 11 years and while I have a genuine admiration every time I finish a weekend course or even a 2 hour class at a New Age Bookstore, a feed store – even Barnes & Noble have done some amazing book signing/speaking gigs with me……..and of course a quick talk at a Pet store – this whole program is almost overwhelming with the magnitude of my awe. How quickly people are getting it and are ready to be in that space to communicate with their animals is beyond anything. . . .And what it will evolve to be.
The challenge is the set up. There has been so much set up with all of this, that is why I’m not doing my writing, my leo social life and I can promise you my horses and dogs are a little over the idea of Communication with all Life University. Today was entirely a paperwork day with a little dog play – not much horse activity. Though, we’re all content at this moment. I can see the horses from here, still on their midnight snack and the dogs would love to go up to bed. Soon, soon I keep saying.
I’m looking forward to tomorrow – a full day of just chatting with animals. Doing what I do. I have the morning with my animals and the rest of the day with clients.
Okay off to bed with promises of mores ramblings.