Rescue of the Week: Ribsey’s Refugees


Rescue of the Week welcomes

Ribsey’s Refugees! 

 ribsey's refugees

I had the pleasure of interviewing Linda McCoy of Ribsey’s Refugees on her wonderful organization.  Here’s what I discovered……

What do you focus on?

Pit Bulls and Black dogs



Who are you?  What kind of work do you do?  Do you work with animals to begin with?

I have a free range boarding facility for large breed dogs, so, I work with dogs already. in Sammamish, Washington.


What animal inspired you to start your rescue?

My dog Ribsey is the inspiration for the name. After being down South after Hurricane Katrina, when all I saw were Pit Bulls, and saw how misunderstood they were, that was what really got me going. I’ve always had a ‘thing’ for black dogs too. And, I’ve always loved the Labs. My comment is Pit Bulls are Labs with an edge. And, I’ve always been someone who fights for the underdog (no pun intended).


What challenges do you face?

Having very limited space and not enough qualified people to help with the dogs. I do most of it myself.


What is particular or specific about your rescue?

We specialize in socializing dogs, and helping them learn to be dogs.
The 3 Boys


Let me just say that Linda McCoy is being very modest.  Her ability to help an emotionally shattered dog to become a family dog is beyond anything I have seen.  I personally have the best dang dog on the planet from Ribsey’s Refugees – my beloved Isabella!  

Isabella was one of her black dogs that is not only part of my life, she is part of the teaching curriculum for Communication with all Life University.  She holds down the couch like nobody on the planet and she is the main greeter for weekend workshops.  She is also the main bag search dog – just to make sure you don’t have any unwanted sandwiches!  I can’t tell you how many times a day – in my mind, I thank Linda for all she does for the animal kingdom!  Look at my darling Isabella below!

001 (3)

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Blessings to you and your animal companions!  Joan








Happy New Year Newsletter from Animal Communicator, Author Joan Ranquet

Here is my Happy New Year Newsletter! It is sprinkled with a little wildlife news, a little of my own news, upcoming trips and workshops too. Also, this newsletter has contributions by author Ann Jamieson and Margaret Ann Lembo. Ann’s story about Jamaica the rescue horse sent to slaughter that ended up winning the Combined Driving Championship and became 2008 Horse of the Year. Jamaica is a Breyer Horse Model! Ann Jamieson is the author of “For the Love of the Horse” series.

Also included is a wonderful crystal tip by author Margaret Ann Lembo on Dalmation Jasper, a stone of relationships! Particularly, connection with our animal companions! Margaret Ann Lembo is the author of “Chakra Awakening” and soon to be released “The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones” (Llewellyn).

I have information about Gorillas in Uganda, the upcoming trip to Uganda (want to join me?!) Information on the upcoming dolphin trip in the Bahamas, and lots of weekend workshops to learn animal communication.

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Let Your Pet Comfort You This Holiday Season. ~ Joan Ranquet | elephant journal

Let Your Pet Comfort You This Holiday Season. ~ Joan Ranquet | elephant journal

via Let Your Pet Comfort You This Holiday Season. ~ Joan Ranquet | elephant journal.

Training a Cat and other Random Toughts of an Animal Communicator

It doesn’t take a pet psychic to train a cat!!  Cats are very trainable and they enjoy it too.  I’m always intrigued by the sayings: “Well, he’s a cat you know,” or “You can’t train a cat”.  It’s just not true.  It is a different kind of training no doubt.

I don’t think they respond to old school dog training and probably wouldn’t be interested in high level dressage – although one of my cats Buster Keaton does like to hop on with me when I ride Rollie my horse.  Only for about 5 steps!!

Cats respond to structured play like I talk about in my book “Communication with all Life, Revelations of an Animal Communicator.”   I do it successfully with the dogs and it works with the cats here too.  Here is a little video I made:

Training Cats!

In my household, we have lots of cat games we play.  Make no mistake: communication, games and cat training all work hand in hand!!  And yes, I’ve used food to associate with words.  Obviously in the above video they associate lunch with lunch!

I don’t always have to have lunch ready for them – though it’s nice.  90% of the time they do get a big treat.  If I’m handling a lot of things like getting ready for dinner or I have clients coming over, etc.,  I might be a little late on the treat delivery.  Yet, they still come running because they like to be engaged.

Even if you work all day and leave the house early in the morning when it’s dark and come home when its dark, you can still have structured play that works like training and is engaging and fun.  All you need is inventiveness, treats and a hallway!

I’ve included a wonderful article that was in the New York Times about cat training.  The writer Stephanie Clifford had a rogue naughty cat.  She invited Jackson Galaxy from the Animal Planet Show “My Cat From Hell” to help her.

In the article (and there are videos) she eventually leash trains her cat to go on walks.  The article is great because it wasn’t an easy go at first for the writer, yet she stuck to the program and eventually she and her cat created a very enjoyable activity they can do together.

Stephanie Clifford really lays out the steps to training.  And you can see what a wonderful character Jackson Galaxy is and why his methods are successful.

I have found in my years of work that all a naughty cat needs is a little structure.  Please share your cat training experiences here in the comments!

Joan Ranquet, Animal Communicator and author of Communication with all Life, Revelations of an Animal Communicator (Hay House) is the founder of Communication with all Life University. Through private sessions, workshops, teleseminars and speaking events, Joan facilitates a deepening of the human/animal connection. Joan was chosen by MSN as one of the “Top 25 People Who Do What They Love”. Her healing CD, Animal Alchemy Energy Work for Animals and Their Humans, will be out in 2012. Her newest book, “Energy Healing for Animals, Techniques to Enhance the Health, Longevity & Happiness of the Animals We Love” will be also be out late 2012 (Sounds True).   “Animal Communication 101, Simple Steps to Communicate with Animals” is out January 2012.

Dynamite Dog Food Product Review and other Random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

No matter how evolved they are, cats can’t read.  When the new Dynamite Dog food arrived, the cats were over the moon waiting for me to do something about the new bag that clearly contains deliciousness.  They could smell perfection and they could feel the energy of it.

They were not letting it go.  Olivia’s barks (obviously the dog) were along the lines of “that is dog food and it is mine.”  I have never seen them act like that over anything.  This is a household of love, a one for all and an all for one.  Tonight over the dog food – it was every dog or cat for him/herself.

I have been a Distributor of Dynamite products for 11 years now.  I have always loved every product they offer from horse to human to dog to cat to exotics.   I also have lifelong converts over to Dynamite among my clients and colleagues.

This dog food maintains the high standards of any other extraordinary product that Dynamite creates.  When Dynamite says they are going to improve something, they are developing from a standpoint of high quality greatness!!  It has been an organic and green company long before anyone else.  I love the concept of getting the gut right and everything else follows…..

“The proof is in the puddin’” as Jim Zamzow the president of Dynamite says……well the “puddin’” (dog food) was inhaled tonight and the cats are trying desperately to get into the dog food cabinet still, hours later.

No matter how evolved cats are, they don’t always listen to me.  I keep saying: “soon, soon the new cat food will be out, soon I promise”.  They don’t care, they want the dog food.  So do the dogs.  The whole gang has this plotted out.  If Henry (cat) can rig the door open long enough, the dogs will make a pounce and free the dog food.

Too bad for them, they live with a pet psychic and I can hear the plotting!!   Too bad for me, I won’t get sleep until I buy baby guards for the cupboards.

For ingredients, pricing or to order:  – special bonus as long as supplies last – Dynapro – the best probiotic on the market!!!!!!!!

New Super Premium Dog Food is Here!
Introducing new Super Premium Chicken and Turkey dog food! This superior formula is free of the common allergens corn and wheat, and is made with fresh, hand-trimmed USDA chicken and fresh, low-ash lamb. It also contains chicken cartilage that is rich in natural glucosamine. On top of that it contains prebiotics and probiotics to aid digestion.

Our food is made with minimal processing to help preserve the natural goodness of the ingredients. Our small-batch recipe is not baked. Instead, we use state-of-the-art technology that utilizes a low-temperature, high-moisture extrusion. This method assures all starch is cooked by no damage occurs to the proteins. Our new 40# bag features a one-way air valve to maintain optimal freshness.

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Bonus Offer:Get a FREE 2 oz. bottle of Dyna Pro with the purchase of our new Super Premium dog food. Use Dyna Pro to ensure your pet has a smooth transition to its new food. ($12 value. While supplies last.)

Joan Ranquet, Animal Communicator and author of Communication with all Life, Revelations of an Animal Communicator (Hay House) is the founder of Communication with all Life University. Through private sessions, workshops, teleseminars and speaking events, Joan facilitates a deepening of the human/animal connection. Joan was chosen by MSN as one of the “Top 25 People Who Do What They Love” and has been featured on Dateline, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Animal Planet, AMC Channel and in The Los Angeles Times, The Sun Sentinel and The Palm Beach Post, to name a few.  Her healing CD, Animal Alchemy Energy Work for Animals and Their Humans, will be out in 2012. Her newest book, “Energy Healing for Animals, Techniques to Enhance the Health, Longevity & Happiness of the Animals We Love” will be also be out late 2012 (Sounds True).   “Animal Communication 101, the Animal Communicators Journey” is out January 2012.  Again for dynamite info:

What I learn from teaching Animal Communication and other Random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

I’m here in Denver, after teaching a 3 day Animal Communication workshop.  It was fun, it was intense, and, it was grand. 

I enjoyed everyone in the class and we were really lucky that this group of strangers came together so quickly and was so cohesive.

Obviously the people that are drawn to my classes are truly empathic and love animals.  I tend to draw another type of person to my group which is what I refer to as the ‘smarty pants types’.  Very smart, usually women are drawn to my style of teaching and my workshops.

This is a great thing as I love smart!  The drawback is sometimes they tend to be the type of person that is a little (or a lot) in their head.  What does this mean?

They are most likely to doubt themselves.  They are also used to a certain amount of success in other aspects of their life, so they are terrified of feeling wrong.  This was expressed in a really profound way by one of the students. 

She shut down at first and claimed she wasn’t getting anything from the animals.  She was really frustrated.  Eventually, she turned this around for herself and started picking up on the telepathy – the pictures, words and feelings from the animals.

Her courage and her commitment to be present was astounding.  She allowed herself to stretch and grow by leaps and bounds.  This helped everyone expand also.  All ships rise with the tide. 

Tonight, as I sent the whole class the e-mail list and pictures from the weekend, I also included the Kathryn Schultz Ted talk on being wrong:  Kathryn Schultz wrote: “Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error.”

Kathryn’s wonderful Ted talk helps us see what else is available when we understand that it is okay to be wrong.  Sometimes that’s just where life takes us!

The theory of being wrong as part of learning is explored and proven in a new book called “The Talent Code, Greatness Isn’t Born. It’s Grown.  Here’s How.” by Daniel Coyle.  

If we don’t allow ourselves to ‘feel’ wrong, we can’t learn.

Ultimately, animal communication isn’t about being right or wrong.  Rather, it is about increasing accuracy.   Accuracy becomes like a developed muscle, creating a neuropath way to heightened intuition and better understanding of all beings.  With that, we can compassionately help shift, adjust or facilitate healing for all life. 

I’m really proud of the growth of all the students and love how far they went in a relatively short amount of time.  And, note to self: get out of your head and allow yourself permission for accuracy – and always be open to learning!!

Joan Ranquet, Animal Communicator, Speaker & Author of “Communication with all Life, Revelations of an Animal Communicator” –

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Dolphin Dreams and other random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

Me playing with Sushi

 At least once a week since I have been back from the Dolphin trip, I have dolphin dreams.  I’m not normally a dreamer like that so this is unusual.  I daydream of being in the deep blue waters of Bimini and being able to hold my breath forever and swim and play with them.  The dolphin trip is software that is still installing in my being. 
If you don’t know about the dolphin trip, if you aren’t one of my friends or family that feels compelled to read my blog, if you are someone that happed upon this……the said dolphin trip was an Animal Communication Swim with Dolphins trip.  I was to teach animal communication and we were on a fabulous boat called Indigo with Dolphin Expeditions.  The crew was wonderful, all of them dolphin experts and offered a different angle or point of view.  The crew had amazing experiences collectively and individually with dolphins and that inviting warm bathwater like sea. 

There was no guarantee of dolphins – just a hope and in past experiences: some weeks they had some, some weeks they had none.  Some weeks they had plenty. 

Dolphins bring up childlike magic for people.  They stir joy in the crabbiest of people.  A smile washes across almost any face when they hear the word dolphin.  What is it about this mythical creature for us?  And what could we learn from such grace?

We left Bimini with our dolphin hopes and sure enough on the first evening we saw a dolphin and her baby and the next thing you know, we were in the water before we even learned to free dive!  The first couple of dolphins were magical and yet, throughout that week, the mystical dolphin week, dolphins seemed to multiply, coming out of nowhere.  As if they heard “Hey, those people are all in the water again, let’s go and play with them.” 

The first big swim I remember my mask fogging from tears of joy.  The second day of swimming with them I nearly choked on water consistently because I couldn’t stop giggling!  There aren’t words really that match the experience as a whole, the words I’m typing here are simply relaying some impressions.  Like any dream, I’ve lost all chronological order to the whole trip!

I had a moment out in the sea that I felt as though I were spun like a top in an enchanting dance, as our eyes locked, I was mesmerized into the soul of my dance partner, a dolphin.  Once I was still and the dizziness subsided, I realized that this dolphis had initiated me into some trance, another world, another way of thinking.

It is a dream to be in the blue so deep and to see dolphins swimming by.  Their whole body motion adds to their presence of a magnificent being.  Even more amazing was that they chose us to be their amusement, they wanted to engage, to play.  Their pods would circle us and have us stay as a pod as if we all played better together in teams.   

People kept asking me afterward, what did the dolphins tell you?  I must say, I was so enthralled by the experience that I went into the waters with joy, gratitude, hope…….those were wonderful feelings to sustain for the hours we played in the water each day. 

In the end it was pretty clear through the actions what they taught.  If I were to abridge the messages and the experience, the cliff notes would be twofold –  1.  Joy, gratitude and hope must become the most familiar of feelings within my whole being.  2. That we are also a really great species and to enjoy each other, to connect back up despite our differences and be a groovy pod.

As simple as that all appears, some days, all or part of it is a really tall order.  Yet, that’s my homework until I get my deep blue sea dolphin lessons next June.  I am eternally grateful that the dolphin experience is now part of my internal hard drive! 

Blessings, Joan Ranquet

Animal Communicator, Author, Speaker

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MSN Careers – 25 people who do what they love – Career Advice Article

MSN Careers – 25 people who do what they love – Career Advice Article.  Very excited to be on this list!!!  And I am eternally grateful that I get to do what I do.  Here is the article:



25 people who do what they love

By Rachel Farrell, Special to CareerBuilder


When I set out to find people who love their jobs so much that they can’t believe they get paid to do it, the response was overwhelming. Which is awesome, because we love it when you love your job!

So let’s get to it. Without further ado, here are 25 people who can’t believe they get paid to do these awesome jobs: 

“I’m co-owner and photographer at Bark Pet Photography, a Los Angeles-based pet photography business. I get paid to play with animals.” — Kim Rodgers

“I am a travel writer and photographer who focuses on adventure. When I’m not zigzagging around the planet — swimming with sea lions in the Galapagos Islands or roaming the remote jungles of India — I’m writing about my adventures, the environment, fitness, health and wellness, extraordinary people and social injustice issues.” — Sarah Sekula, freelance writer

Bing: Most lucrative careers

“I’m a reality casting director. It’s my job to find fascinating individuals, who have amazing life stories and get to tell their stories to millions of viewers worldwide. From raging seniors (“Sunset Daze”) to single millionaires (“The Millionaire Matchmaker”), my job never gets old. I don’t just create icons … I create the shows that distract people from their day-to-day lives and also create a common social thread.” — Vinnie Potestivo, Entertainment, Inc.

“I work with cover songs! We have a service called Limelight that lets artists and bands secure the rights to release any cover song for CD, download, ringtone or streaming. I develop ways to share this service with bands, choirs, a cappella and other musical groups worldwide. Very cool to be helping musicians in 79 countries simplify what can be a complicated process. Also very cool to be helping songwriters get paid!”— Michael Kauffman, SVP of sales and marketing at RightsFlow

“I’m a food writer and recipe developer, which means I get paid to create delicious things to eat! I write cookbooks, but also work for magazines (I created the recipes for ‘Bon Appetit’ magazine’s December Christmas Dinner Spectacular) and for corporate clients. Ever wonder who makes up the recipes that appear on the back of food packages? For some products, that’s me!” — Jill Silverman Hough

“I get to come up with and create new candy ideas for my company, Some of my ideas include candy necklaces and giant gummy letters. I work with my dad, David Klein, who is also a candy inventor. He invented Jelly Belly’s and Sour Licorice.” — Roxy Klein, Can You Imagine That! Inc.

“I am a boudoir photographer. I have women come to me for beautiful, tasteful images for their honey. What is most interesting (and gratifying) to me is when they leave, they realize that it is more for them than for the one they came in to give a gift to.” — Jill Thibodeau

“I own a lifestyle photographer business. I basically focus on families and children. When I’m not photographing families, I meet mommies out at parks or at their house and basically play with the kids while I take their photos. A happy child in their own element makes for great images. My job is to make them laugh and play, while I capture them carefree and enjoying life.” — Gwendolyn Allen

“I have a part-time job I love called ‘author escort’ or ‘literary escort.’ I get paid to drive authors around the Seattle area when they come here on book and media tours. It’s a fantastic job that puts me in regular contact with top journalists, scholars and writers. The people I have escorted include a Nobel Peace Prize winner, a famous wrestler, Stephanie Meyers, a bomb detonation expert, Anthony Bourdain, Dr. Cornell West, etc.” — Diane Duthweiler, Book It Northwest

“I’m a freelance audio engineer. I’m paid to travel around the world and mix audio for live concerts — and being paid to see live music and travel the world is a heck of a benefit. I get to see lots of the world and work with very interesting people and organizations. From major-label bands to mixing shows for troops overseas, I’ve had lots of great experience.” — Joe Shambro

“I work for a small company called Ludus Tours, a tour outfitter that focuses on global events like the Olympics, World Cup, Running of the Bulls and Oktoberfest. While I am in the office my job role is to focus on non-traditional marketing and seek PR and press opportunities. My job has sent me to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany twice and to Running of the Bulls in Spain. My job while I was there was to learn the city and the festival and make sure clients had a good time. Making sure the clients enjoyed themselves included drinking beer and/or wine (depending on the festival) and showing them two of the best cities in Europe!” –Victoria Whyte

“Infertile women seek my expertise to become a seemingly impossible fertile mother-to-be. In a moment I transform a desperate, empty soul into a thriving vessel of life. To help create life is the most fulfilling career. When my swollen-bellied mamas waddle through my door, I know I have changed not just one life for the better, but an entire family.” — Kristen Burris

“I run an outdoor movie and events company. We show movies outside on the inflatable movie screens that we designed.” — Chris Malloy, owner and executive producer, Community Events, LLC

“I run an adventure travel company for women. As part of that, I guide trips to absolutely amazing places such as Italy, Bhutan, Nepal and Kilimanjaro. I definitely can’t believe I get to make a living doing it!”– Marian Marbury, Adventures in Good Company

“I love every aspect and every minute of being a personal chef. In fact, there are many times in the middle of a cooking day, or a client’s dinner party, or while teaching a cooking class that I actually think to myself, ‘I’m getting paid to do something I love!’ How many hard-working people out there can say that? I love the freedom, the responsibility and the daily challenges that this line of work offers me.” — Ellen McCreight Grant, Everyday Personal Chef Service

“I’m a standup comedian. I love every single second of what I do. I think it’s so important in life to do what you love. So many people spend eight hours of the day (an extremely huge chunk when you multiply it by five days a week every month of every year) staring at the clock dying to get home.” — Jim Dailakis, actor, writer, comedian, voiceover artist

“I’m a professional magician. Entertaining people with magic is one of the most satisfying experiences I can imagine, and every performance brings me something new and exciting. It’s enormously gratifying to experience the whole range of responses I regularly get from my audiences, from wonder, amazement and disbelief to laughter and outright glee at times. I like to think that a big part of my job is spreading joy. How cool is that?” — Mitch Williams, Magic Productions

“For the past four years, I have been a professional organizer. I primarily work with residential and small business clients to help them overcome the overwhelm that comes from being disorganized. I absolutely love working with my clients and witnessing the changes they are capable of while we work together and after we complete our work together. Working with people to help them move forward with their goals can’t be beat.” — Andrea Sharb, Certified Professional Organizer® and Certified Organizer Coach®

“Every day I get to consult with people and their animals. I connect telepathically with the animal and figure out what is going on for the pet, behaviorally, emotionally or physically. Every day is very different. A couple of days a week I’m on the phone connecting with people and their animals over the phone via pictures of their animal(s). Other days I’m in people’s homes or in barn aisles talking to horses.” — Joan Ranquet, animal communicator, author, speaker and founder of communication with all Life University

“I’m a celebrity makeup artist. I’ve had the pleasure of traveling to cities like Buenos Aires, Melbourne and Marseilles, to name a few, with Rachael Ray. I couldn’t believe that they actually paid me to rub baby oil on Chad Ochocinco’s awesome body for a GQ photo shoot. I’ve had President Bill Clinton ask me if I thought his hair looked alright. I honestly get paid to do what I would be happy to do for free.” — Kim White

“I work as a chef primarily, but on the side I act as a farm-to-consumer liaison in Sheboygan and Manitowoc Counties, Wisconsin. That entails traveling through the county, meeting and talking to farmers, sampling produce and checking out herds and then linking them up with families and businesses that could use the item(s) they produce.” — Christine Campbell

“I’ve been a birth doula for more than 14 years and have helped bring 419 babies
into the world. When my phone rings, often at 3:00 a.m., I wake up smiling, knowing that I will be going to work soon to do the greatest job ever!” –Tracy Hartley

“I get to bring inventions to life! Inventors send me prototypes of their new ideas, I have them evaluated for safety issues, and I then take the prototypes and send them out to China factories for quotes. We then select a factory, I address all safety issues with the factory, we go into production and I legally import the products into the USA (or wherever the client wishes) — thus bringing my clients’ ideas to life.” — Edie Tolchin, “The Sourcing Lady,” owner EGT Global Trading
“As a professional rum drinker, I visit distilleries, taste great rum and consult with some of the best people in the industry.” — Edward Hamilton, founder, Ministry of Rum

“I’m a mystery shopper. I get paid to visit restaurants, theme parks, hotels, casinos, grocery stores, upscale retail stores and more by visiting the venues and reporting back on service and timings. I make my own hours and work for as many or few companies as I choose.” — Pam “PamInCA,” president, Myster Shopper’s Coalition

“Every day I get up and my day involves chocolate from start to finish, whether it’s production, teaching classes, hosting corporate and charity events or traveling around the world. Sometime I have to pinch myself to make sure it’s real. I truly love what I do, and I can hardly believe it’s real. I’m in the process of starting a little internet-TV show … the fun never ends!” — Julie Petch, author “The Chocolate Therapist: A User’s Guide to the Extraordinary Health Benefits of Chocolate.”

Bing: Jobs with high turnover rates

Rachel Farrell researches and writes about job search strategy, career management, hiring trends and workplace issues for Follow @CareerBuilder on Twitter.

Copyright 2010 All rights reserved. The information contained in this article may not be published, broadcast or otherwise distributed without prior written authority.

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Signs from the Universe and other random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

A client, “Cindy” called because she was about to adopt a darling little dog.  Her challenge was not the adoption, but feeling pushed into the adoption.  It felt rather soon after the loss of her heart dog, Amelia and she was feeling as though her other dog at home – Ben would feel slighted. 

We harbor a loyalty of our feelings for the animal that we lost.  We do have to honor that space that the beloved animal left.  Everyone is different in how they handle the loss and the discomfort it brings up.  For some, they can’t stand the emptiness and have to fill the space with another animal right away.  Others, it takes a long time to be ready for another animal to come in and take over their heart and home.    

In the session, we connected with the dog Ben and he was okay about the idea of a new dog as it would be the first time in his 17 years that he would be on the top of the pack and could boss someone around!  Fortunately the new dog is a little timid so this could be a good match.

Cindy had her doubts about the whole adoption.  She confided that the night before, she connected with her heart dog Amelia (that had crossed over) and said “If I’m supposed to get this dog, please send me a sign”. 

Cindy then told me her husband takes care of most of the errands but he was off on a project that day.  So she went to the post office.  She bought some stamps and when she started to place them on envelopes, she read the stamp.  It said: Adopt a pet from a shelter today. 

So often we brush off these signs.  They are always there for us.  It may not be the literal voice of authority we need to hear or an apparition in our driveway on our way to the grocery store.  They are subtle and ever present. 

The new dog will never fill that void.  Nor will you fill the void for the people that are missing from this shelter dog’s life now.   You can occupy space in the void together and discover a whole new little soul on your journey to heal.    

Joan Ranquet, Animal Communicator, Author, Speaker

Founder of Communication with all Life University (To see upcoming classes from weekend workshops to one day classes to teleseminars, go to:

What’s in a name and other random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

What’s in a (Pet’s) name?

Does the name add value or hinder your animal Companion?  

From Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, 1594: JULIET:
     What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
      By any other name would smell as sweet;
      So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call’d,
      Retain that dear perfection which he owes
      Without that title.    


How did you name your pet? Was the name inherited? Did you create a barn name? Do you have a series of nicknames for the different looks, behaviors or coy activity of your dog, cat or bird? 

I have seen a name make or break a personality. I have seen a new name completely turn an animal around. One potentially great thing when getting an animal from a shelter is that it is a brand new day in that animal’s life – why not start with a new name? 

The dog I adopted, Isabella (on the left in the pink chair) – had a different name with the rescue group – they called her Sarah.  I thought Isabella (both the name and the dog in front of me) was a very beautiful match.  The name is very Queen like (okay I’m all about BIG girly names) and that was fitting to bring out the personality that I knew was in there for this shy, nearly feral dog.  She was SO introverted and was happier with her head in a corner than out in public with others (except me and Olivia – my other dog).  Queen Isabella sponsored the Columbus voyage – the discovery of America – so who better to name her after than a Queen who was a patron of THE discovery voyage of our home as well as a patron of the arts and scholars? She has turned into quite the discovery dog indeed. 

Olivia (on the right in the pink chair) is a great story. My ex husband (he was my husband at the time) and I were living in Denver. I wanted a dog, his kids wanted a dog. We were redoing a bathroom in the house and he ran off to Home Depot. He came back and said he met the most well behaved Border Collie in the store and that her people said she had puppies (not full bred) at home. He had taken their phone number…..we made a call and off we went up I-70 to Evergreen, a mountain town.  In fact this was probably the first week of December and there was definitely crusted snow in all around. 

On the drive up the freeway I casually mentioned that I will name the dog Olivia. Without seeing her, I knew my puppy was in that litter. 

We arrived at this warm mountain like cabin in the woods. The woman graciously greeted us at the door and she went to the back door and one by one called the puppies in. All super great names by my book and then I heard it……..”Olivia, come in.” 

‘Olivia’ ran in with the rest of the balls of fur and sat on my feet. I also had to think that a ½ Border Collie that was cute, excited and mellow was the best of the gang.  SOLD. 

I have more stories – not only of my own animals – but of watching animals really be able to blossom because someone took the time to either change their name or to stop calling them a name that was limiting their potential.  More of that to come……………. 

Last year I had a contest on “What’s in a name” and my Communication with all Life University helped me judge it.  My newsletter has the first story and there will be more in my newsletter as well as posted here on the blog.  I’d love to hear your story!  

Blessings, Joan 

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