Rescue of the Week: Ribsey’s Refugees


Rescue of the Week welcomes

Ribsey’s Refugees! 

 ribsey's refugees

I had the pleasure of interviewing Linda McCoy of Ribsey’s Refugees on her wonderful organization.  Here’s what I discovered……

What do you focus on?

Pit Bulls and Black dogs



Who are you?  What kind of work do you do?  Do you work with animals to begin with?

I have a free range boarding facility for large breed dogs, so, I work with dogs already. in Sammamish, Washington.


What animal inspired you to start your rescue?

My dog Ribsey is the inspiration for the name. After being down South after Hurricane Katrina, when all I saw were Pit Bulls, and saw how misunderstood they were, that was what really got me going. I’ve always had a ‘thing’ for black dogs too. And, I’ve always loved the Labs. My comment is Pit Bulls are Labs with an edge. And, I’ve always been someone who fights for the underdog (no pun intended).


What challenges do you face?

Having very limited space and not enough qualified people to help with the dogs. I do most of it myself.


What is particular or specific about your rescue?

We specialize in socializing dogs, and helping them learn to be dogs.
The 3 Boys


Let me just say that Linda McCoy is being very modest.  Her ability to help an emotionally shattered dog to become a family dog is beyond anything I have seen.  I personally have the best dang dog on the planet from Ribsey’s Refugees – my beloved Isabella!  

Isabella was one of her black dogs that is not only part of my life, she is part of the teaching curriculum for Communication with all Life University.  She holds down the couch like nobody on the planet and she is the main greeter for weekend workshops.  She is also the main bag search dog – just to make sure you don’t have any unwanted sandwiches!  I can’t tell you how many times a day – in my mind, I thank Linda for all she does for the animal kingdom!  Look at my darling Isabella below!

001 (3)

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Let Your Pet Comfort You This Holiday Season. ~ Joan Ranquet | elephant journal

Let Your Pet Comfort You This Holiday Season. ~ Joan Ranquet | elephant journal

via Let Your Pet Comfort You This Holiday Season. ~ Joan Ranquet | elephant journal.

What I learn from teaching Animal Communication and other Random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

I’m here in Denver, after teaching a 3 day Animal Communication workshop.  It was fun, it was intense, and, it was grand. 

I enjoyed everyone in the class and we were really lucky that this group of strangers came together so quickly and was so cohesive.

Obviously the people that are drawn to my classes are truly empathic and love animals.  I tend to draw another type of person to my group which is what I refer to as the ‘smarty pants types’.  Very smart, usually women are drawn to my style of teaching and my workshops.

This is a great thing as I love smart!  The drawback is sometimes they tend to be the type of person that is a little (or a lot) in their head.  What does this mean?

They are most likely to doubt themselves.  They are also used to a certain amount of success in other aspects of their life, so they are terrified of feeling wrong.  This was expressed in a really profound way by one of the students. 

She shut down at first and claimed she wasn’t getting anything from the animals.  She was really frustrated.  Eventually, she turned this around for herself and started picking up on the telepathy – the pictures, words and feelings from the animals.

Her courage and her commitment to be present was astounding.  She allowed herself to stretch and grow by leaps and bounds.  This helped everyone expand also.  All ships rise with the tide. 

Tonight, as I sent the whole class the e-mail list and pictures from the weekend, I also included the Kathryn Schultz Ted talk on being wrong:  Kathryn Schultz wrote: “Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error.”

Kathryn’s wonderful Ted talk helps us see what else is available when we understand that it is okay to be wrong.  Sometimes that’s just where life takes us!

The theory of being wrong as part of learning is explored and proven in a new book called “The Talent Code, Greatness Isn’t Born. It’s Grown.  Here’s How.” by Daniel Coyle.  

If we don’t allow ourselves to ‘feel’ wrong, we can’t learn.

Ultimately, animal communication isn’t about being right or wrong.  Rather, it is about increasing accuracy.   Accuracy becomes like a developed muscle, creating a neuropath way to heightened intuition and better understanding of all beings.  With that, we can compassionately help shift, adjust or facilitate healing for all life. 

I’m really proud of the growth of all the students and love how far they went in a relatively short amount of time.  And, note to self: get out of your head and allow yourself permission for accuracy – and always be open to learning!!

Joan Ranquet, Animal Communicator, Speaker & Author of “Communication with all Life, Revelations of an Animal Communicator” –

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Do our animals reincarnate or do we magnetically call in the same archetypal being?

When Francesca the new cat walked in 2 years to the day that Alexandria the cat had gone missing, one had to review the eerie set of similar circumstance surrounding how I got the new cat.  I suppose you don’t have to, that’s just the kind of chick I am.  I love to ponder these things.

People always ask me “will my dog/cat/horse come back to me” with determination that there will be this magnetic pull that will reunite the two souls.  In the case of the animals I have around me, I would say we have a whole soul family going.

Reuniting is a comforting thought; it eases the pain magnificently at the time of someone departing.  I heard my mother talk about the party being too noisy in the room on her death bed and I saw my father utterly amazed at whom and what he was seeing just hours before his death.  It was so startling for him and awe inspiring, he couldn’t speak, he didn’t utter a word from that moment on. 

It’s pretty clear that when we leave this life we reunite.  We love the idea that there is a continuum like matriculating back for graduation or something.  Many people tell me right off the bat that the dog or cat I’m there to talk to is the reincarnated version of a soul that had lived in their house for many lifetimes.  People will have striking recollections of the story.

In the above picture here, you see Francesca sitting next to a picture of Alexandria.  In that picture frame/box are Alexandria’s little keepsakes and Francesca sits there a lot. 

Alexandria ruled with a firm hand.  She didn’t let Olivia (the dog) as a puppy  understand that she might on some level even sort of kind of maybe like her (though we discovered they loved each other later).  Olivia is always tentative around cats, one of her true obsessions partly because she wanted Alexandria to like her so much.

In the mid 90’s when I still lived in Los Angeles, I had gotten a frantic call from my friend Jenni.  She said that someone had dropped a cat off with a box full of kittens to her next door neighbor’s yard (a known cat rescuer).  The kittens were running amuck and the mother was going into heat.  Jenni was out gathering kittens and saving them from the predators in the Hollywood Hills.  Out of my mouth flew the words “I’ll take the mother”.  I brought Alexandria home that night.  The kittens all had homes within 24 hours.

Alexandria lived with me and entertained me like no other friend.  We went from LA to Seattle to Denver to Florida and back.  We picked up a husband and his kids along the way and returned to the Seattle area with no people just more animals.  We had much adventure in 13 years and lived in many settings: Urban, suburban, 3 beach areas and 3 farms (she loved visiting guesthouses and ski condos) .  On the 30th of August 2007, she disappeared.  

Through my work as an Animal Communicator – having helped thousands of people and animals reunite, this was a heartbreaking story for me.  For a long time, I really just missed my best friend.  

I couldn’t get another cat for quite some time.  On the 30th of August 2009 a friend called and said “I have a feral cat I found stalking my birds in a cage”.  I was moving into a new place, I thought perfect, she can be my feral barn cat.  I won’t get too attached.  The same thing slipped out of my mouth – “I’ll take her”.

This new cat, Francesca was not feral, not a barn cat and like Alexandria was a child bride – quite pregnant.  I would say she’s a hobby hunter.  She walked into the new house with the boxes all over with her tail up as though she owned the joint.  She went up and kissed Olivia on the lips and Isabella the other dog had to learn all about life with cat(s).  And I’m attached.  She went straight to all of the furniture and boxes of stuff that Alexandria loved.

Is the personality the same?  Not exactly.    Daily, we have spurts like Alexandria did of what I call “wacky cat” and she does love her fun.  There are plenty of other little Alexandria quirks, similarities and notable conditions and some nothing like her.

Somehow I drew back either a reincarnation or distinct archetypal characteristics of a very charming loveable kitty.  If it is Alexandria reincarnated, and this soul has come back – I want to give the space for her to expand for her soul’s journey this lifetime in whatever that looks like.  If it’s a fresh soul to my world – we have certainly enjoyed the learning curve so far.  We started our adventure raising kittens together!

Have you had an animal come back?  Do you continually draw back the same archetypal companion or relationship?  I’d love to hear from you –


Joan Ranquet

Animal Communicator, Author, Speaker and Founder of Communication with all Life University      

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What’s in a name and other random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

What’s in a (Pet’s) name?

Does the name add value or hinder your animal Companion?  

From Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, 1594: JULIET:
     What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
      By any other name would smell as sweet;
      So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call’d,
      Retain that dear perfection which he owes
      Without that title.    


How did you name your pet? Was the name inherited? Did you create a barn name? Do you have a series of nicknames for the different looks, behaviors or coy activity of your dog, cat or bird? 

I have seen a name make or break a personality. I have seen a new name completely turn an animal around. One potentially great thing when getting an animal from a shelter is that it is a brand new day in that animal’s life – why not start with a new name? 

The dog I adopted, Isabella (on the left in the pink chair) – had a different name with the rescue group – they called her Sarah.  I thought Isabella (both the name and the dog in front of me) was a very beautiful match.  The name is very Queen like (okay I’m all about BIG girly names) and that was fitting to bring out the personality that I knew was in there for this shy, nearly feral dog.  She was SO introverted and was happier with her head in a corner than out in public with others (except me and Olivia – my other dog).  Queen Isabella sponsored the Columbus voyage – the discovery of America – so who better to name her after than a Queen who was a patron of THE discovery voyage of our home as well as a patron of the arts and scholars? She has turned into quite the discovery dog indeed. 

Olivia (on the right in the pink chair) is a great story. My ex husband (he was my husband at the time) and I were living in Denver. I wanted a dog, his kids wanted a dog. We were redoing a bathroom in the house and he ran off to Home Depot. He came back and said he met the most well behaved Border Collie in the store and that her people said she had puppies (not full bred) at home. He had taken their phone number…..we made a call and off we went up I-70 to Evergreen, a mountain town.  In fact this was probably the first week of December and there was definitely crusted snow in all around. 

On the drive up the freeway I casually mentioned that I will name the dog Olivia. Without seeing her, I knew my puppy was in that litter. 

We arrived at this warm mountain like cabin in the woods. The woman graciously greeted us at the door and she went to the back door and one by one called the puppies in. All super great names by my book and then I heard it……..”Olivia, come in.” 

‘Olivia’ ran in with the rest of the balls of fur and sat on my feet. I also had to think that a ½ Border Collie that was cute, excited and mellow was the best of the gang.  SOLD. 

I have more stories – not only of my own animals – but of watching animals really be able to blossom because someone took the time to either change their name or to stop calling them a name that was limiting their potential.  More of that to come……………. 

Last year I had a contest on “What’s in a name” and my Communication with all Life University helped me judge it.  My newsletter has the first story and there will be more in my newsletter as well as posted here on the blog.  I’d love to hear your story!  

Blessings, Joan 

Joan Ranquet 

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Three friends cantered across the Rainbow Bridge last week


 First it was the neighbor, Bianca calling at 7:44 a.m. last Wed morning…..she said that she had to put the pony down. I knew she had never done this and I offered to come over. Rosie, the pony had been of such service to so many people, she had taught many kids to ride.  Bianca’s kids alone got the whole teaching kids to ride ball rolling.

 When I went over there, Rosie had such a nonchalant attitude, yet she knew.  There she was just grazing on the lawn of Honey do Farm. Grazing like she did every day.  Her struggles of getting up and not being able to move for who knows how long every morning were completely unseen in her contentedness as her tail lightly swayed in the wind. 

For me the tears started to stream. I knew this was the last day, the last moment – she was so unfazed. She knew as well. 

Bianca had said she was the perfect pony always and that there was nothing like it (and Bianca has had her share of ponies!)   A few of Bianca’s friends and her parents arrived.  One of her friend’s sadly had just lost her own horse the day before.  She warned Bianca that when the euthanizing drugs went into effect, it could be tough to watch.  I could see how torn Bianca was to have this peaceful pony grazing be the last vision vs. whatever would be.

Bianca was able to stay present.  She was supported by wonderful friends and truly supported by Rosie.  As Bianca said when Rosie took her last breath and gracefully was placed on the ground – “You see, Rosie is even now the perfect pony.”

Rosie will be missed by many.

Andy & Ellen

Then there was a call a week ago from Ellen that Andy her beloved horse had a puncture wound.  We talked about riding vs. not riding with a wound.  I met Ellen boarding in Denver with my two horses at Table Mountain Ranch. Andy was a solid dude, funny with a twinkle in his eye. If he had been human, he would have been the Irish match for Ellen (or at least half Irish). 

Then Friday morning she said something was worse and she was driving out to the barn where Andy was boarded.  Later that morning, I could see Ellen beeping through but I was engaged in Friday morning phone sessions with animal clients and couldn’t click over.  When I finally called Ellen back, she had already put Andy down.  I was SHOCKED. And actually glad that I had been booked to the gills with clients – I don’t know how I would have or could have been with someone if I had clicked over.  My dearest friend’s animals are somehow like my own.  Andy (as other of Ellen’s animals are) in that dear category.

That particular morning it was not the puncture wound flaring up unfortunately.  Andy walked out into the pasture where he was turned out every day and snap went his leg.  So tragic, so unexpected and yet that reminder of how temporary all of this is.  Thank you Andy for that reminder – not an easy reminder, but you’re right – it’s all temporary.  I’m still stunned.  Especially from one of the more “seeming” solid horses that I think I know.

Ellen had just gotten back in the saddle so to speak.  She had two years off with Andy due to lameness.  When I was just in Denver, I was staying with Ellen – as I went off to talk to animals or speak at the Rocky Mountain Horse expo, Ellen was dashing off to ride.  Very sad.

And then there is Hank.  Again, Hank’s person – Christy and I met through boarding our horses at the same barn.  This barn was in Florida.  (yes, that’s a lot of moving!)  Christy, Hank, my own animals and I went through hurricanes, a dramatic move to another barn and Sunday morning trail rides (where I frequently had to pony Rollie off of Gabrielle because he would have been left alone).  My dog Olivia was always in the lead.

My dog Olivia could drop a ball in front of Hank and he would kick it for her.  As a former cutting horse champion, and his fancy cow AQHA breeding, he knew how to keep other species entertained, even the half Border Collie, Olivia.  They also had other games.   My animal communication could be in the form of cuss words as I tried to call my dog off of Hank. Then I’d look over at Christy and know that Hank had set the whole thing up.  Christy and Hank had the last laugh on us!

Christy used to play hide and seek with parts of carrots in his stall.  Hank had long naps. Hank was as entitled and quirky as any famous artist or rockstar – and moody!   And his fame has spread across this continent.  So many of us met because of Hank and we all remain friends.  So this is a true loss.

I was just down in Sonoma and saw Hank.  A week ago, he just turned 30. He was still such a joyful and troublemaking guy that also required his meditation or nap depending upon your philosophy. 

In October, he helped educate my Animal Communication class by remote work after his first set of seizures and it was midterm time for my graduate students – he was instrumental in their learning.  I’m grateful I got to see him in January just being the playful prankster Hank that I will remember.

In all three horses, they brought their person beyond their wildest dreams.  While Rosie may have started out teaching Bianca’s kids to ride, Bianca has a whole riding camp around the teachings of Rosie   Bianca’s family, friends and students will miss Rosie – but Rosie has set a lot in motion!

Andy’s challenges got Ellen to become a saddlefitter – she has traveled long and far to learn, and then long and far to work with great knowledge, experience, commitment and integrity:  Thank you Andy!

And Christy – it is yet to be determined what Christy will do now.  Hank took her on such a journey for the last 26 years, when she assimilates all of it – wow – who knows what she will do!  Christy has been an amazing support center for many people that help animals.  In the meantime it is such a loss for her and her husband John.  

Three friends cantered across the rainbow bridge. Three friends will really be missed.  Three friends left giant, irreplaceable legacies. THANK YOU!

Blessings, Joan

Joan Ranquet Animal Communicator, Author, Speaker, Founder of Communication with All Life University Joan Ranquet, Host of Pet Talk Live! Radio show on 4:00 pm PST on Wednesdays ~

4/7/10 – wed. 4:00 pm PST: Pet Talk Live! With Joan Ranquet, we will have a mini reading on my kittens with a special psychic, we will have an awesome rescue of the week and our very special guest is: Lukas the world’s smartest horse, and his person and trainer Karen Murdock.

Communication with All Life University Graduation, Dr. Steven Farmer and other random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

Big fun was had by all!

Barely a week ago was the graduation dinner for the first year of Communication with all Life University. It was quite a year.  We spent the last 3 days of it working from early until late. Our finals were at Little Bit Therapeutic riding center. There, my students talked to a couple of horses in the program and dogs that the staff brought from home.  It was an awesome day. Bittersweet – Awesome for them.  For me? Also amazing – and I have to let them blossom on their own – time to let go – how spring like!!!!

In the time that they were here, we reviewed the last year in terms of each of the student’s accomplishments as well as how they utilized their electives (of body work or energy work).  We examined how to set up and market their Animal Communicator practice/business.  Of course, that blueprint has been in place for some time through the various assignments.  We had intuitive moments and business building as well as structure creating and brainstorming on how to build the day/week/career they want.  Many stayed on for Animal Alchemy – the others flew out that had taken it last year – what a 10 day period!

The growth and commitment of everyone has been astounding.  I’m so moved.  I am amazed at how much these people wanted to stretch and how far they came by being willing.  We have had so many laughs and plenty of tears.  

Our excursions have always been fun (I love a good field trip whether we are at the Seattle campus or the Orlando campus!)  Our field trips have been as wide-ranging as Snoqualmie Falls to a Trapeze Act during dinner to an Orb tour to the Pike Place Market Ghost tour to a Magic show in Orlando, Fairy hikes, trail rides outside of Orlando, the cow milking package to the Space Needle.  Not to mention, wonderful dinners!  Hopefully next Orlando trip is an airboat ride and next October here is a sea plane over the city.

Aside from the use of the electives, they all expressed something they learned and tried from the various Animal Education Teleseminars.  Or what they gained (or didn’t) from the various assignments.

They have raised the bar for me in terms of what to expect from students. For the most part when I said jump – they didn’t question, they telepathically asked “how high”?  And then they elegantly followed through.  I couldn’t have asked for a better, more diverse and wonderful group.   Oh did I drive them crazy sometimes!

I also have great help from Shannon the Lead Mare and Dean of Students.  Additionally, the dorm couldn’t have been a wackier place at TYD Farm (Thank you Virginia).  And thank you Geri for your serene dorm in Geneva, Fl.

Thank you Shannon, Pam, Diane, Sarah and Veronica for making me become a better teacher!

Listen to the grads on Pet Talk Live with me yesterday (March 24th 2010):  They did great kitten readings! Always, the kittens can be found on

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And of course my new RADIO SHOW – PET TALK LIVE! Tomorrow is Dr. Steven Farmer – woohoo!!!   March 31st 2010  Have you ever wondered about your Power Animals and what it all means? Do you know who your Animal Spirit Guides are? Are you finding Earth’s magic in the everyday realm? If these are questions in your stratosphere, you may want to join me when I interview Dr. Steven Farmer – Author of “Earth Magic” and much more.  We will have the usual readings for my personal kittens, the Rescue of the week and I’m happy to do readings for you on this very special show. Even better – talk to Dr. Steven Farmer!   

Blessings, Joan

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Denver, a love story and other Random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

Denver, I have missed you.

What a great trip.  It started out with the Misha May Foundation benefit on Thursday night and some familiar faces but many faces that I didn’t know – all eager to learn the basics of Animal Communication. We made some money for that organization.

Then, on to the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo……and that was great.  I had a lecture each day and a book signing.  Again, more and more familiar faces.  People showed up that I had been to their house, to their barn; they had taken a class before – all showing up to learn more.  It was all a great reminder of how much I loved my clients, their animals and the other practitioners I worked and played well with in Denver. 

There was one day that I left the Horse Expo at around 3:00 to go to the Metaphysical Fair. The way the light was hitting the Rockies with the fresh snow is truly the most breathtaking view of those mountains I have ever seen.

The last night I was in town, I taught at the Shining Lotus and it benefited the Harrison Memorial Animal Hospital – an amazing operation that helps with surgeries for animals if the people can’t afford it as well as helping with spay and neuters for the shelters.

I had a couple of days of meeting client’s animals in person (that I have only communicated with on the phone up until now) as well as some new folks.   I got to talk to a cat in a high rise and I also got to watch that particular Border Collie mix, Foster do laundry. He very proudly and smugly pulled things out of the dryer.  I have a Border Collie mix that would love to learn something necessary like that!  There may be some new training techniques in order.  I couldn’t wait to get home for a variety of reasons, that being one of them.

The last day was a wonderful setting up in the Rockies, walking through sunny snow fields to get to the horses I was talking to and then on down to the familiar barn I’ve talked to so many horses at before – some new and old clients. I nearly drove off the road a million times just taking in the view on my way back down the mountain.

Along the way up the windy roads to Evergreen I remember picking out a little bundle that 8 years later is the most amazing dog I’ve ever known, my own Olivia.

I was reminded of how much I love the beauty there, the people and the lifestyle.  It was so welcoming and is calling me back within the next 6 – 8 weeks – and I can’t wait to go back!! I also have great friends and wonderful memories of those friends.

One woman in the audience at the Horse Expo told me she met me at a book signing two years ago and that I’m not blogging enough – so here you go!!

Denver, I’ve missed you – but I’ll be back. Soon. 

Pet Talk Live, 4:00 pm PST

Founder of Communication with all Life University, Author, Speaker, Animal Communicator

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The Literary Word – Book Reviews: Communication With All Life: Revelations of an Animal Communicator by Joan Ranquet

The Literary Word – Book Reviews: Communication With All Life: Revelations of an Animal Communicator by Joan Ranquet. This is a nice review of my book – it’s nice after all this time to find people still out there reading it and sharing their thoughts. Most importantly, she is using it – as in she actually isn’t using the word ‘rescue’ anymore, rather adopted!  Thank you Charlene for the nice review!

I’m still in Denver, one more event to go at the Shining Lotus to benefit tomorrow night to benefit the Harrison Memorial Animal Hospital.

The Rocky Mountain Horse Expo in Denver has been great.  I enjoyed the groups each day of my lectures and loved reconnecting with many old clients and friends. I obviously need to keep coming back!  I got to see Temple Grandin speak and can’t wait to dive into her newest book (and yes I have a signed copy!)

Join me Wed. on my radio show: Pet Talk Live on and of course for my spring workshops – Animal Alchemy and Animal Communication – go to:

Great video on a dog helping Iraq vet with PTSD – Animal News and other random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

Video – Breaking News Videos from

Amazing job opportunities for rescue dogs – helping Iraq vets with PTSD. If the shelters are overrun – doesn’t it make sense to take these lovely dogs and give them great jobs? We have people coming home every day with PTSD – let’s put those dogs to work!

Right now shelters are at an all time high with occupancy and adoption and donation rate low…….let’s start funneling the donated  money to profile and then train the dogs that fit the bill for this type of work.  

That’s my 2 cents worth for the day…..blessings, Joan

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