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dog sitter Auntie Olivia 003

Olivia is the most amazing Aunt……she takes care of the kittens when the momma is away. The kittens are so cute at this point sometimes I have to have a cute time out. Really it is overwhelming the cute factor!!

I have big things – I have an Animal Communication University to put together and I can’t have so much cuteness!

The teleseminars are a big hit. More people are joining the University, all is well here. The cute factor just adds to the equation. It was hard on the University call tonight with my students not to do a blow by blow call of what the kittens are doing on their kitten turn out. But then again, I could do it all day long with anyone that called that would listen to cute kitten stories!

It just reminds me that everyday is precious.

And that’s a great thing.

Tips to Relax on Horseback with Classical Dressage Trainer Jane Savoie

Jane Savoie will be joining my Animal Education series – to sign up go to:  I will have a couple of calls a month – with bonus calls also. To check the schedule of events, please go to:

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BONUS CALL #1 SCOT HANSEN – Communication with all Life University

BONUS CALL #1 SCOT HANSEN – Communication with all Life University

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I’m getting ready to launch the Communication with all Life University Animal Education Series starting with Josie Ravenwing and then Jane Savoie. So my awesome call above with Scot Hansen (  is one of the many samples of my bonus calls – found on Josie’s website is: and Jane Savoie’s site is:  Oh the fun we will have…………do you want to be a better Animal Communicator at home? As a profession? Are you a pet lover wanting to make things better? Animal Practitioner? or are you searching for your life calling with animals? No matter how you look at it – Animal Education Series will have the three E’s Enlightentment, Education and Entertainment with animals!!!!!  We can find your voice in the Animal Kingdom – sign up now  @

BONUS CALL #1 SCOT HANSEN – Communication with all Life University

As the farm turns and other random thoughts of an animal communicator

Kittens 18 days old. Every picture tells a story. I don’t need to add words! kittens 011kittens 010kittens 016

18 days old

18 days old

kittens 003

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