Kitten chronicles and other random thoughts of an animal communicator

– And now we are three months. So cute if I must say so myself.

YouTube – Olivia the kitten whisperer and other reminiscent moments in the kitten chronicles

YouTube – Olivia the kitten whisperer and other reminiscent moments in the kitten chronicles.  This little video is only a minute long – a minute over a month ago. Hard to imagine they have grown this much. Funny that they recognize the little audible squeeks and as I have replayed this video the kittens look at me like “where is that kitten?” Oh they are funny. Did I mention that Olivia is the best Kitten Whisperer ever? And we know Isabella has maintained her Aunty Belly status.

As I say in my description of the video – we are in leap stage. We are thankfully not pulling ourselves up on everything by shredding. However, all curtains are potentials for a chinese fire drill. Now everyone is sweetly sleeping.

Each of the kittens are going to be part of the “what’s in a name?” contest on my website. I’m having the best story of how an animal either picked his/her name or whether the name fits the animal…..this contest will be announced in my newsletter and will be judged by my Communication with all Life University students. And there are great prizes I might add!!

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Goodnight. More Kitten Chronicles tomorrow!!

Moscow Cat Theater – Video, cat training and other random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

Moscow Cat Theater – Video

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In my book, “Communication with all Life, Revelations of an Animal Communicator” I talk about the trained cats I saw in the circus in Budapest. I LOVE IT.

Presently this Animal Communicator is challenged with training some kittens. I KNOW IT CAN BE DONE. It’s just getting used to the “no” mantra again.

Nobody likes to be the bad cop. Yet, sometimes our animals ask for it – to know not only what their boundaries are but to know who they are.

Lots of great upcoming kitten stories, teleseminars for the Animal Education Series and of course, my newsletter which is following the “what’s in a name” series (also here on the blog).  Did I mention only 2 spots left at this price and opportunity in Communication with all Life University? e-mail Shannon at  Also get on the mailing list just for the fun events and stories.

What’s in a name and other random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

waiting for her close up

waiting for her close up

Queen Latifah 

When I first saw the little pile of kittens, I couldn’t help but to wonder about all of them. Who would they be? I’m not saying they were formless blobs, they had form, they had squeak.  They were big heads with little bodies. Little lives that I wanted to protect, but still – who are they?

As eyes opened, there was a little more life. Queen Latifah was nearly the first one I named. She was always staring at me. My niece fell in love with her. I just figured Queen Latifah was her at home baby name if my niece was to take her, like a barn name or a nickname. My friend Ellen has a big huge white dog that throws her energy around also and her nick name is Queen Latifah.

As the eyes opened and the personalities slowly appeared, Queen Latifah became a bigger and bigger personality. So the question is – what came first the chicken or the egg? Is she this brassy, funny, sexy broad because I gave her that archetypal name – or did I see that spark of bigness the moment her eyes opened?

How did you name your pet? Does the name fit? Does the name carry archetypal value or does it hinder the blooming of your companion?

I can tell you one thing – Queen Latifah can beat her brothers and sister up the curtains – oy.

p.s. Queen Latifah whined a bit with my niece and my neice moved on to another kitten. Queen Latifah chose us (she tries as often as she can to sleep with the dogs!)

Overcoming the middlechild syndrome and other random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

7 weeks 010Isabella loves Francesca – the momma kitty.  Up until the point that Francesca arrived, Isabella (the black lab) had a charmed life as the baby.  Suddenly a new ‘baby’ came and HAD BABIES – WOW. That can really be a buzz killer.

There was some definite acting out….in the form of peeing. It was definitely the middle child syndrome. Who am I know in this new configuration? Who will I be?

No matter how much I would console Isabella on the one hand, there is another part of her that I needed to buck up. I have kittens now to tend to. I have the horses, dog walks, jumping ropes, the demands of clients, a 90 year old father, not to mention I have started an Animal Communication University for crying out loud. I can’t go back to putting you on a leash and having you shadow me I thought to myself. I counsel clients daily on such challenges – so I did what I would have advised. Put her on the leash and gave her a job.

In fact, now she acts as if I still have the leash on and is by my side as if to prove she’s gotten over it. Also, at 7 weeks when this photo was taken, she went up and took care of the exhausted momma cat. Her job is Auntie Belly.

Isabella is a great aunt. She’s not quite as obsessed as Olivia. Olivia has become the kitten whisperer and has taken that on as her career. (It’s not just a job, it’s an adventure.) Olivia  didn’t have time to be jealous. This also stems from the first year of her life, Alexandria (my beloved cat) ignored her to the point of distraction. So Olivia just watches cats in hopes that one of them will pay attention to her. (Now she has doting kittens).

Isabella as an aunt is a little removed, tolerant and loving on her terms. She’s not acting out anymore. Kittens fall asleep on her.  It’s actually quite amazing how well everyone gets along and watches out for each other.

In fact, there is quite a cute video on I will post here also. It’s Isabella and Queen Latifah.

YouTube – The kitten chronicles

YouTube – The kitten chronicles

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Please view the Youtube – The Kitten Chronicles…..It’s a very cute, sweet and to the point moment with the kittens. They are at that age that they have to go. At least a couple…..this has been interesting because I know in my heart of hearts there are perfect situations for these kittens. I have loved and adored them. They are outstanding – each of them have a personality…..each of them can play or sleep independently , each of them can play with each other…..they come running to me especially but are curious and accepting of all people and they LOVE dogs.

Their mom came to me as a ferral barn cat. Okay – that SO didn’t happen. What has happened as I’ve written about previously (scroll down) there is a chance that Francesca (momma kitty) is the cat reincarnated that disappeared 2 years ago. So just as a recap – I got Francesca on the two year anniversary of Alexandria’s departure.

And she was pregnant. And when I got Alexandria – my friend Jenni Hetrick and I dispersed Alexandria’s kittens so fast, I still regret not keeping one.

These kittens are not barn cats. Or Ferral. So my greatest hope for them is that they go where they are loved. As much as I’d love to say I’ll keep them all, the reality is – there may be better places for them. This is a brutal reality in terms of wildlife where I live. I will keep them if that is our fate – as I LOVE them and adore them and feel like we suffer from an abundance of cuteness around here. Yet, if a situation that is better than us presents itself – then it’s meant to be.

The kittens from left to right are Madeline, Henry, Lance, Buster Keaton, Queen Latifah and Tony Robbins.

All from the lovely mother Francesca……of course my dog Olivia is officially the Kitten Whisperer and my other dog Isabella is Auntie Belly.

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More random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

dog sitter Auntie Olivia 003

Olivia is the most amazing Aunt……she takes care of the kittens when the momma is away. The kittens are so cute at this point sometimes I have to have a cute time out. Really it is overwhelming the cute factor!!

I have big things – I have an Animal Communication University to put together and I can’t have so much cuteness!

The teleseminars are a big hit. More people are joining the University, all is well here. The cute factor just adds to the equation. It was hard on the University call tonight with my students not to do a blow by blow call of what the kittens are doing on their kitten turn out. But then again, I could do it all day long with anyone that called that would listen to cute kitten stories!

It just reminds me that everyday is precious.

And that’s a great thing.

As the farm turns and other random thoughts of an animal communicator

Kittens 18 days old. Every picture tells a story. I don’t need to add words! kittens 011kittens 010kittens 016

18 days old

18 days old

kittens 003

As the farm turns and other random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

009As summer winds down and the rain comes in, fall is just around the corner. The tempature has dropped so much I wonder if I should be pulling horse blankets out and finding jackets for the dogs!!

I had to wear more clothes on my hike today! I’m thinking it’s a great thing I’ll be teaching in warmer climates this winter ~

The kittens were wild this morning, when momma kitty (Francesca) took a break, a couple of kittens tried to nurse off Olivia (dog on right). Both Isabella (dog on left) and Olivia are competing to be surrogate mom of the year for the kitties. Oh it’s a dog’s life here as the Farm turns.

Next week back to the regular animal communication sessions, life as usual. But Labor Day weekend is a great time to get little animal projects done!!

kittens and other random thoughts of an animal communicator

The kittens are two weeks old. Eyes are open, little personalities appearing, in fact, they are a handful already.

The momma cat – Francesca is amazing. She moves the babies when they are unruly – into places where they are controlled while she’s busy elsewhere.

My dogs are absolutely competing to be the better babysitter. Pictures to come…….stay tuned!